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AD100 Densitormeter update installer CD?

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Hi, i have a few question about the CD update 

is it worth doing the update? 

What are the benefits/purpose of it? 

Do I need to update  my densitormeter in order for it to read updated paper types?  

Over all what is the purpose of the update? 

I've been starring at the CD for a while not knowing what to do with it. Are there any risk of updating involve? 

I have the frontier 370 version 7.0 

Thanks in advance.


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This CD is to update AD100 . Risk is the same, as update computer BIOS. In most cases everything OK, but sometimes process finished not successfully and computer doesn't work at all.
Even updated AD100 can't be as good, as newer models ( AD200, AD300 ) . AD100 is quite old, so it doesn't see well some new papers and surfaces. On most AD100 bulbs are old. If to change them AD100 can work a little better, but do not need to expect some miracle. It is common on some papers always see NG, when on minilab used AD100.

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It all makes sense now.

Is it possible to use AD200 or AD300 on the frontier 370 if so what are the steps to take?

Is replacing the bulb inside the AD100 as simple as  unplug and swap? Or is there extras steps to take after replacing the bulb? 

Great Intel, thank you. 



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