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SP2000 Standalone Operation

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Hello All,

I have just purchased a Fujifilm SP2000. This scanner also has a second PC hooked up that is labeled "Fmpc". It is running Windows XP. The computer inside the cabinet is running Windows NT.

I have found that my software is MS01 3.1. Is there anyway to use the scanner in standalone with version 3.1 or do I need Version 5.0? Is there a way to get upgraded software at a cheap price?

Sorry, but I am new to this scanner operation. I am trying to set up a minilab business and this is the first piece I have purchased. I have gotten both computers to power on but I keep getting "The PicSever name is not valid. Please enter a valid name for the Pic Server"




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If you have scanner ( SP2000 with Toshiba computer ) and FMPC ( with MS01 ) there should be third computer - server with installed MS01 software ( can be any version ) . If you have all that - you can scan. On server can be installed optional MS software modules, but you can scan without them. On server can be used MS01 version 3.1 ( XP ) , MS01 version 4.2 ( W7 32 bit ) , or version 10.0 ( W10 64 bit ) .

Version 5 is scanner system software ( A1 ) . If you work with FMPC on scanner can be any system software version. 3.1 is MS01 version. It is not scanner system software . It is for file transfer, management, rendering and etc.

On scanner computer can be additionally installed MS11 for SP2000, but it is not necessary ( software just optional ) .

Stand alone scanner can be re-installed to work with two computers - scanner computer and server computer. Then firewire is not used. Computers connected using LAN.

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