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Frontier 370 start up chemistry directions

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after being shut down for the last 6 months due to covid, we needed to drain/refresh our frontiuer chemistry. our notes from 12 years ago when we last did a mix from scratch said to order 4 kits, so we did (CP48, 600012445 and 600012438) each kit comes with 4 bottles, 2x part A and 2x part B, the instructions say "add 1 bottle" so the question is, instead of ordering 4 kits, should we have only ordered 2? do the 2 small bottles of A and B in the kit add up to 1 bottle, or were we right to order 4 kits, as we apparently did in the past?

called Fuji for clarification but apparently no one there can answer the question after waiting 2 days.

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Instructions are here


Based on the instructions on the above datasheet for a Frontier 370 you will need 4 bottles of both part A and part B (8 bottles in total) for the developer.

So you will need 2 kits (boxes) for the Frontier 370


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