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Green 2 Ink empty message not showing

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1 hour ago, purnomosetiawan said:

maybe some air trap inside ink line, it'w not common both heads lost all channel at the same time


Not on both heads. On one head both Magenta missing, but other has second Magenta ( only first Magenta missing ) .
Here scanned only part of picture. Green II print head has 8 channels Y, B, M, C, C, M, B and Y. First head has not both Magenta, but second head has one of them ( second Magenta ) . This second Magenta looks good. See only part of this color, because picture was scanned wrong. Do not know how printed missing elements ( second Black and second yellow on both heads ) .
The same pressure pump is for all cartridges. Seems all colors have pressure ( at least on position, where are pressure sensors ) . 
Try to print few test prints in sequence ( for example 5 prints ) . Compare them - on all of them three Magenta missing and have only one, or different. If the same - then it is some problem with printhead drive pcb, or main control pcb. Just in case can check FFC between print heads and printhead drive pcb, but possibility, that three Magenta elements are disconnected is very low.

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