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Problem with QSS3300digital with S4 Scanner

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Hi everyone!

We have an QS3300 (LPP-750) with S4 Scanner that we mainly use to scan. Since some days it stops to scan. Each time we try to scan a film it show a Bluescreen with this error:

We tried to reinstall the windows 2000 in a new Hard drive (a SATA hard drive) with the Recovery CD (PC-NRT-RD2). But It doesn't want to boot. Again it shows Bluescreen:


Then I decided to try Windows XP (I have the QSS 33 Main System Program 8.01.001). I installed Windows XP and i manage to obtain the ethernet driver and the Intel Graphic Card driver

I did not find one driver "Network controller driver", On device manager it doesn't show the noritsu components (NKC Device - PC-Laser I/F (Multi CPU Support)
(If I boot with the old hard drive, I can see the NKC Device correctly installed)
I installed the Qss33 Main System Program anyway, but it shows an error 6900-0001 Main Control system error

I would appreciate any help



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Just manage to find the selfcheck... just to try it... I do double click and it said it had to update The driver, i click on yes it restarted and the NCK driver is working now


the software update started after the reboot, but it had an abnormal termination by the D-Ice control PCB and DIGITAL ICE Technology...


it is already for a while like that. What should i do? 😔

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