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PC Change - New EZ needed

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Hello all!

I have a few questions about our next project.
Right now we have a QSS-3701 printer and a PC with XP and EZ Controller 5.80.020.
The PC wont last long. Its already slow, outdated etc. Our plan is to change the whole pc itself to a newer version, and probably we would have to get a new EZ Controller, with Win10 compatibility.

My questions are:
- Is the actual program what we have compatible with Win10?
- what would be the ideal PC setup? (processor, RAM etc)
- If we have to change the EZ Controller, we would like to get some offers in PM. (we have 2, maybe 3 dongles)
- if we have to get a new EZ Controller, what should i save from the previous one, to be able to work again with the printer? (so a simple backup data would do, or is it a bit more complicated than that?)

Thank you for your help and answers!

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For W10 64 bit :
EZ controller 6.60 and latter ( the latest - 7.0 )
QSS printer 18 and latter ( the latest - 19 )
Profile data vol.3 can use any version. The latest - 4.8 ( new papers added there )
Optional modules are the same for all versions.
It is enough to make network settings, load EZ controller backup and all will be restored.

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