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Control Strip Issues! - V30 RA Kodak Chem LORR

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Hello all,

I recently acquired a V30 RA and mixed fresh flexicolor LORR chem after cleaning the racks, rollers, tanks, and flushing the machine a couple times with water. 

Ive been having a few issues. 

1. I get error 24, ALL pumps being tripped. they seem to be working fine. This error doesn't always occur. It 

2. Probably a typical occurrence but I find that my fix 1 takes ages to warm up. Just wondering if other people experience this and if not is there a solution to increase speed.

3. the most important issue. I ran 1 roll of 35mm (xp2 illford b&w c41 - running some expired kodak gold now) and 5 or 6 control strips and I have found a weird light leak. I will attach the photos but it seems to not be loading into cassette or fogged control strips because I did the roll of 35. Doesn't look like chemical issue. Weird magenta unaligned sprocket marks. I even got some on the edge of frame 31 so it is not just the beginning of the roll. I am curious if anyone else has experienced this. 

Any help or advice pointing in a new direction would be much appreciated. Pretty stuck at the moment.


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It looks like some kind of maybe cleaning chemical has got onto the film, it's not fogging as the XP2 B/W film has coloured marks, this can't be caused by fogging/ a light leak on a B/W film.

Check the No.1 crossover is completely dry before processing film, make sure all the rollers in the loading unit are clean and dry.

leave the No.8 squeegee rack soaking in clean water overnight in case it's got some chemical on the rollers.

The 024 error Pump stopped will be a bad micro switch on the processor top cover.

The Fix 1 taking a long time to heat up, will probably be a failed heater, it most likely is only heating from the heat of the BL and Fix 2 tanks next to it.

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