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FR550R/570 PS Water

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Hi everyone,

Recently my photo have roller mark on it, i try washing the PS1, PS2 , PS3 and PS4 rack and replace new PS water and it able to solve the problem but after a week or so the roller mark came back again. I found that my PS water on 4 tank got very dirty(Dark brown/Coffee colour) after 1 week or so of replacing. I remember last time my PS4 tank never get so dirty after a month or more after replaced water. I checked on my PSW output there is water pumping out to PS4 tank.

Anyone has the same problem or suggestion on this problem?

And also anyone know how to check the PSW is pumping water (not using the output measurement) during operation/printing without printing so much photo and is there any setting i can set on the PSW to pump in more water during printing.


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