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SP3000 help

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Hi guys, 

I have just received my Fuji Frontier SP3000 and I’m having 2 issues. This scanner has already been a nightmare ( it’s taken 5 months to get to me and now it’s not working) 

Firstly the machine isn’t working when I push the button (and I have the circuit pushed up) 

- so I decided to plug the computer and the scanner directly into the wall and now I’m having issues connecting to the image controller 

if anyone can help with either of these problems that would be great as I’ve already been out of business for 5 months :( 

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Do not need connect computer into wall socket. To power on need press and hold power button on scanner and on computer. After that go into BIOS settings and adjust power management. Need select that computer is always turned on, when it get power.  After that enough to press scanner power button.

Can't comment connection to image controller. You didn't provide any information. Do not know which software you have on scanner and on server. Also didn't tell, what works and what not ( network, IP, ping, computer names, working group, Windows version ) .

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