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Required: Frontier 350/370 A1 System Software: Ver.7.7

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Hi all!


Anyone can help me to get the software for Frontier 350/370 or a image disk instead? It's not necessary to be the latest version, I only need it because I have formatted the PC and need to reinstall on Windows 7. If anyone can help, I will be very grateful.

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Hello. A1 is system software to install on Fuji 350/370 scanner computer ( SP1500/SP2000 ) . On scanner computer can't be used W7. There should be Windows NT4 installed from recovery CD. After that can install updates ( service pack, new internet explorer ) and install A1 ( version 7.7 ) .
On external computer ( server ) can be installed FDIA software ( C4/C5 ) , FE software ( S2 for 370 ) , or MS01. On server can be Windows XP, Windows 7 32 bit, or W10 64 bit ( depends which software used ) .

If your minilab has not scanner then you do not need A1. Then to printer should be  connected FMPC and server. Can be used FDIA software ( D20 on FMPC and C4/C5 on server ) , FE software ( S9 on FMPC and S2 for 370 on server ) , or MS01 software ( versions 3.1, 4.2, or 10.0 running on Windows XP, W7 32 bit, or W10 64 bit ) .

Minilab software version 7.7 is included in S9 and MS01.

If need help write private message and I help to install everything.

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Bonjour vous pouvez utiliser MS01 sur ce minilab, si vous avez besoin de plus de conseils rejoignez-moi dans la boîte de réception

Il y a 9 heures, ChacalYanqui88 a déclaré:

Salut à tous!


Quelqu'un peut-il m'aider à obtenir le logiciel pour Frontier 350/370 ou un disque image à la place? Il n'est pas nécessaire d'être la dernière version, je n'en ai besoin que parce que j'ai formaté le PC et que je dois le réinstaller sur Windows 7. Si quelqu'un peut aider, je serai très reconnaissant

Hello you can use MS01 on this minilab, if you need more advice join me on inbox or my WhatsApp number is +237651761596

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