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DL650 Remove Sorter?

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I have a DL650, but I have no use for the sorter and would like to remove it from the machine to free up space.
I have used the maintenance utility to disable the sorter,
but when I disconnect the server the DL650 gives me a error on bootup saying that the sorter is not connected.
It will not let me move past this error. It forces the printer to reboot and I get the same error.

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What is DL650 system software ( maintenance utility ) version? Sorter need disable on 012 menu. After disconnection should see that sorter is not attached. On maintenance interface shouldn't see any error.

If have not errors on maintenance utility, but have error on MS01 try from MS01 remove printer and add again. Maybe after that all work.

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I am using Maintenance utility System Software 3.0


I have disabled the sorter menu 012.
I shut down the printer and unplug the sorter cable for the back of the printer.
When I turn the printer back on I get Error W-6101. When I click OK on the error the printer reboots and comes back with the same error.

In the Manual it says Error W-6101 is "Sorter connection error"  The Sorter Motor is not detected.

To resolve it it says
1. Check if the Sorter Motor is installed properly.
2. Check the connection between the Sorter
Motor and the Sorter Relay Board.
3. Replace the Sorter Motor with a new one.
(P. 343)
4. Replace the encoder cable between the
Conveyer Motor and the Sorter Relay Board
with a new one.
5. Replace the Mecha Controller Board with a
new one. (P. 163)
6. Replace the Sorter Relay Board with a new
one. (P. 352)


I just want to remove the whole sorter!
Do I need to Enable the sorter and then disconnect it?
Or am I missing something else.


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Where you see W-6101 error - on maintenance utility, or on MS01? Did you try to remove printer from MS01?

If see error on maintenance utility then might be this software has some error and it doesn't allow to work without sorter. If error see on maintenance utility try to do these steps :
Disable sorter and disconnect it. 
Turn off printer
Connect printer to other computer.
There install only maintenance utility ( better use different version ) . 
Driver will be updated and firmware loaded on printer.
Register printer on maintenance utility. 
Look do you see missing sorter error, or not.

If see error - it is some Fuji software bug. Software gives sorter error - even if sorter disabled.
If do not see error - try upgrade to version 3. Look what will be after that. If no error - try connect to original computer and check there.

On older Fuji dry printers ( DL4xx - printers made by Noritsu ) sorters can be disabled. There is sorter disabled on maintenance utility utility then no any errors. Didn't try to do it on DL6xx ( printers made by Epson ) . 

DL650 is Epson SL-D3000 DR with sorter. Sorter on Epson SL-D3000 DR ( double roll printer ) and SL-D3000 SR ( the same single roll printer ) is optional. Most Epson printers work without sorter. If Epson branded printer works without sorter Fuji branded printer should work also.

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I have figured this out.
To disconnect the sorter without getting a error you also have to remove the long print ejection unit on the back.
It seems they are a kit and can only be used together.

If you do want to remove the sorter, but keep the long print ejection unit then you have to remove the sorter pcb and the conveyor motor and harness from the sorter.
If you have just the harness to the sorter pcb and only the conveyor motor connect it will trick the machine that it is attached.

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