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NC135AG  is carrier for SP2500. NC135Y is for SP1500 and SP2000. I compared SP1500 ( Fuji 350 ) and SP2500 ( Fuji 390 ) circuit diagrams and I see that film carriers are similar.

NC135AG for connection to scanner has CYB20 board. It is connected to scanner power supply and CTB21 board.
NC135Y for connection to scanner has CYC20 board. It is connected to scanner power supply and CTB20 board.

To NC135AG connected 25 wires and NC135Y connectors connected 26 wires. Signals and power suppliers are the same. Not used NC135AG wire is power supply. It is on scanner, but not connected on carrier. NC135Y needs this power supply and this wire is connected on this carrier.

NC135AG and NC135Y parts ( motors, sensors, solenoid ) have the same positions and the same numbers. Connectors are the same also. I never tested NC135Y on SP2500 and never tested NC135AG on SP1500/SP2000. If you have carrier can try yourself. You will not destroy scanner, or carrier.

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