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MS01 Settings? Job Processing delay and Job out of order

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I am printing with the hotfolder MS13 for MS01.

When the job appears on the main MS01 screen is just stays there for 1-2 min before is is processed and printed.
Is there a way I can change this to instant or so 5-10 seconds?
Right now the job is waiting longer than it takes to print it.

Also If I have a job with multiple images each using a different size paper the images do not come out together. The prints come out batched by size. All the 10in prints then all the 5in. Is there a way to make it where all the prints for image1 print together and all image2 prints together?

I have a MS01 manual, but it seems like none of the settings are explained in what they do.

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This is a fresh install of MS01. And is working fine.
Are there any settings I can change to do the following.

Lower the wait time after a job appears in MS01 from MS13 until is is sent of processing/printing.
This is around a 2-3 min delay right now.
Right now I send it a job via MS13 and the job appear in the list within 10-20sec. Then it wait is state "Ready" for about 2-3min before starting to process and print.

Can I set it so all the sizes on one image in a order come out together.
I want image1 8x10, image1 5x7, image2 8x10, image2 5x7
Right now it is printing image1 8x10, image2 8x10, image1 5x7, image2 5x7. so all the same sizes come out together.
I want all the copies of a image to come out together no matter the size.
I know it is slower, but it saves alot on the bagging process.

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