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  2. Slava Ukraine, but I'm not from there. Never was in this country. Just do not like, when crazy dictator without any reason started the war. In minilab specification you can enter number. Just need to be on service mode. Enter number from label. The same number use during booster software instillation.
  3. Thanks, i will try it with the plate number. In the menu specifications appears 0 and i do not know why. and slava Ukraine.
  4. Hello. Thank you for the information and your offer. I just sent the message to you. Thanks.
  5. Yes, kit is available. Can buy from Noritsu, or re-sellers. Of cource, if they have in stock. Not necessary to buy kit. Really it is enough to change one board, install software and have LS1100. All other elements ( two covers, SSR, short LVDS cable, label ) are not necessary. Now Noritsu has problems with chips and can't make scanner boards. The most boards are sold. Board is included in the kit, so not sure that kits now are in stock. If will not find locally I have two boards - new, not used.
  6. Hello. I'm looking for the conversion kit of Noritsu S1-ii for using the scanner as standalone. However, I couldn't find seller for the product. May i ask you if this kit is still available? Thank you.
  7. Respected Sir Sure need to change Aom Please check polygon freqvancy Thank you
  8. Last week
  9. 01920-04096 means capacity booster type H software was not installed, or it was installed not corect. On first step need to enter serial from box with Capacity booster type H CD. On second step need enter your printer serial number. It is on metal label. This serial should be entered on minilab specification menu. If number on minilab specification menu and number entered during capacity booster instillation ( second step ) are different you will have error. Check numbers on label and minilab specification menu. After that correctly install capacity booster type H software.
  10. This sounds experimental; like someone wants to push with a machine that isn't meant to push. There are variable speed processors meant for this. Pushing and pulling should be done with time, not temperature. You could certainly experiment, but I'm not sure how you're going to gauge the results. 1°c doesn't sound like anywhere near enough for a full stop to me.
  11. Hello, I am trying to recover a QSS-3704 that was stopped for a couple of years... and it is showing me an error 01920-04096, it does not detect the "Capacity Booster" key. The "C.B." it is physically installed, it turns on a green led and a red one (no. 3). I have the original software and a serial in its box, I have reinstalled it several times but the error continues. The qss prints the daily setup and emulsion changes but the photos do not, they appear in the printing process but it does not even advance the paper. I ask: is it essential to use the "Cap. Booster"?...if it doesn't process the photos, is it due to this error? I appreciate any help. p.d. In the C.B. installation i introduce the serial of the box, but after ask me another serial, but my QSS3704 serial say 0, then i used 0.
  12. If the yellow shift appeared suddenly, then you need to replace the blue (near) AOM driver. If this does not help, you need to repair the blue laser head.
  13. yellow patch are you aware of service mode and upgradations??? and laser focus adjustments??? if not pls mail me on satyajitjkk@gmail.com
  14. Thanks for the answer. Could you tell me what patch I need?
  15. hi jorge, this is a problem called as yellow shift you need to install a patch for this...
  16. Resolution depends on print size. Bigger print size - bigger file size. CCD proportions are 1 x 1.33 ( 2048 x 1536 ) , so the best results can get when frames have similar proportios. The best resolution can get if to scan 6x8 frame. On some frames proportions on CCD will be used very bad ( for example 6 x 6 frame, where proportions are 1 x 1 ) . Due CCD micro-movement frame will be scanned few times, so resolution will be higher. On big size scanned in 8 positions. Create print size 305 x 405.7 ( for 6 x 8 frame ) and you have the biggest possible resolution. 2048 x 1536 CCD resolution in 8 positions should be very high. Really it will be lower. CCD sides are not used, some pixel positions will match, so impossible to get the highest resolution.
  17. Good afternoon, I have a 33 SD PRO and I am getting this problem.
  18. Hello. If your pump worked and just got error then use service software to reset error and can print after that. I responded your private message. All information can see there.
  19. Hi All, recently purchased addition sp3000 with MS01. Somehow it only export 100dpi tiff, is there anything I can adjust to 300dpi. Thank you for helping!
  20. Hello does anyone have the service manual for the epson d700? I was getting messages that my Ink pump is about to fail and then the printer stopped working. I want to see if i can replace it my self
  21. If you can’t work out what screws you need to remove in order to get access to the rollers on the 135/240AFC (II), honestly, I really don’t think you should be attempting the job of fitting the bottom rollers. It is a very complex job even for experienced engineers. My advice is to leave this job to the experts.
  22. Here is the instruction on how to kill the 135/240 film carrier Removing advance unit.pdf
  23. is there a way you can help me figure out where those six screwa RE? tHANKS.
  24. As I suspected, you have poor communication on the ARCNET (fibre optic network) Try removing the fibre optic cables for the scanner, then run the test again and see if you have OK communication on anything now. To remove the fibre optic cables from the ports, push the black or white ring in, then gently pull out the fibre optic cable. You need to try to find the fibre optic cables that are causing the network to slow down and run poorly. Often the ends of the cable will need to be trimmed with a special fibre optic cutter.
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