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  3. Then missing motor power supply. On motor connector J/P767 should be power supply. Between pin1 and pin2 should be 24V. I think you wrote wrong LED status, or something measured incorrectly. Something wrong with processor relay pcb, or application. Check where you have 24V and where have not : 24V on J/P654 ( between pin 1 and pin 6 ) , or between TP2 ( ground ) and TP1 ( 24V ) . LED14 on processor relay pcb should be light. 24V should be between ground and fuse F53 ( on both sides ) 24V should be between ground and J/P648 pin 1 24V should be between ground and J/P648 pin 4 ( when dryer cover interlock switch activated ) . When have this voltage - LED10 is light and relay X8 activated. 24V should be between ground and J/P659 pin 1 24V should be between ground and J/P649 pin 4 ( when processor cover interlock switch activated ) . When have this voltage, relay X8 is on, processor drive is ON ( software output check ) then LED11 should be light and relay X5 activated. If LED11 light and relay X5 activated then should be 24V on J/P658 pin 1. It is connected to motor connector ( J/P767 pin 1 ) . Check all again. Then you can see where 24V disappear. Take QSS3501F PLUS or Fuji LP7100 service manual. There is circuit diagram where can see all connections.
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  5. Preheating is turned off but the heater is working and I can turn it on manually. That's a good point but I don't think that is related to the issue I am having with the drive motor though. I am going to fix the drive motor problem first and then try that.
  6. I tested J/P767 and J/P658. Neither have any voltage so I think there is no power going to the the motor.
  7. I think LED10 has voltage, but LED is faulty. It is not a problem. LED is just to see relay status. LED11 is light ( relay X5 is ON ) ONLY when LED10 has voltage ( relay X8 is ON ) . Motor connector J/P767 is power supply. Do you have 24V there ( between pin1 and pin2 ) ? If yes then power supply circuit works ( power supply, fuse, interlock switches, X5, X8 and other ) . On motor connector J/P780 are control signals. This connector connected with J/P702 ( connector on processor control pcb ) . It is other board ( pcb with ARCNET ) - not processor relay pcb.
  8. Is the dryer operating? As it will only send the test print when the dryer is up to the set temperature.
  9. LED11 and LED14 are lit up but LED10 is not. When I check the input menu it says that the Dryer Safety Thermostat and Interlock Switch (Dryer Cover) are on. I am getting a reading of 23.8 on both sides of fuse F53. I also tested the voltage for connector J/P654 and got 23.8 as well. I am having trouble finding connector J/P702. The connectors I see coming from the motor are P/J780 and P/J767.
  10. Computer works. Just monitor has not power. Use standard cable and try connect monitor directly to wall socket. Look what you see on monitor. If monitor and computer work, then it is some problem with processor board ( missing CRT relay power from this board ) . Can be : missing power suppliers burned fuse on processor control pcb processor control pcb not working. Check all that and tell what you have and what not.
  11. Do you have 24V power supply on motor M11 connector J/P767 ( between pin1 and pin2 ) ? If not chek do you have it on processor relay pcb connector J/P658 between pin 1 and pin 2. ( output to motor ) . To have 24V there : LED11 on processor relay pcb should be light ( relay X5 powered ) . Processor cover interlock switch LS2 should be activated. LED10 on processor relay pcb should be light ( relay X8 powered ) . Dryer cover interlock switch LS1 should be activated. Fuse F53 on processor relay pcb should be good. 24V should be between ground and fuse ( on both sides ) LED14 on processor relay pcb should be light ( 24V from processor power supply ) . Can see voltage on J/P654 ( between pin 1 and pin 6 ) , or between TP2 ( ground ) and TP1 ( 24V ) . If on motor have power supply then might be missing motor control signals. Controi signals should be from proicessor control pcb ( connector J/P702 ) . Motor + reducer has Noritsu p.n. I123109 . Motor - Orientalmotor Vexta K0462-F5U . Reducer - Orientalmotor D3513-152 . If motor tried to start, but can't rotate might be it is overloaded. Then remove motor and try to run. Can do it with reducer, or without it. First run drive motor. Then you see fault is related with other problem, or not.
  12. If the lights and the CD tray turn on, the strange thing is that the minilab does not turn on or turn its fans and the screen still does not turn on, maybe it is the power source
  13. I can help you, I send to you a message private
  14. Did computer started? Do you see any ligths on it? Try to open CD drive. If computer didn't start then check do you have power supply on computer and on monitor. Try to start computer manually - press power button.
  15. After several months of trying to get the printer up and running due the computer containing all system software, backup, and profile data being whipped, I finally have it up and running thanks to the help of people on this forum. Since I had to start from scratch, I went to perform an initial set up. However, whenever I go to perform the paper type registration and it starts to do a test print it seems like the loading bar is just endlessly looping and never actually performs the print. I took a look at the input and output checks and everything seems to be ok but maybe I am missing something. I did notice that on the processor side that the driver motor was not coming on. I tried turning it on in the status display menu and also tried activating it in output check and nothing happens. My question is, is it related to the issue I'm having where the test print seems to not be happening or is it unrelated and has something more to do with the paper not advancing? Also, if it is unrelated what other things should I check before coming to the conclusion that I need to replace the gear head? Thank you for any help in advance. I know the film processors and scanners like the back of my hand but these mini labs have me stumped.
  16. Hello Minilaboratory Service, I have forced the mini lab 340 to boot and the screen is still off, what do I do, what is the next step to follow, sorry for my bad English
  17. It won't work because the driver is not compatible with Windows 10, you can force it but the HWmon software won't recognize the scanner. The only way out for you is to launch a virtual machine with Windows XP.
  18. Do not understand what written here. If want to get an answer - write in English.
  19. Hola Servicio Minilaboratorio, he hecho el arranque forzado del mini lab 340 y la pantalla sigue apagada, que hago, cual es el siguiente paso a seguir, perdon por mi mal ingles
  20. Last week
  21. Hello everyone, I have an issue with my Frontier 350 minilab. The water (PSR) isn't coming out of the lower hose. This became an issue after I cleaned the replenishers, and laser adjustment. I have poured 5L of water in the designated space. After printing about 350 photos, nothing came out the lower hose. Yet I poured another 2L of water inside. All of the values are good according to the control panel. Thanks in advance.
  22. Dear all I am looking for Epson Stylus Pro 9900 Adjustment Wizard 2 program. Inbox if anyone have it . Thank you
  23. Kodak Professional HR-500 or HR-500 Plus scanners were in use in my customer sites. . . at least 1/4 decade ( 25 years ago) . .. . when I was a boy
  24. IF machine is V30 or V50 I would try replacing those squeeze rollers before dryer rack. Honestly I'm not familiar with T15 . . .
  25. To fix the issue replace the micro-switch https://www.mouser.co.uk/ProductDetail/Omron-Electronics/D2SW-3L1MS?qs=0w99tykdtPJ5X%2Fslyh2IRQ%3D%3D Standard setting 3, pump error off, will have been the setting that you changed to disable the circulation pump error for the CD pump. There are 2 pumps on the CD, maybe one of them is faulty and not working properly.
  26. How can we fix the issue if it has to do with the micro-switch like you said? I'm not sure what "standard setting 3 pump error" is, but I know a few months ago we put the machine into service mode to disable the circulation pump error alarm. Our machine was indicating that our CD circulation pump was faulty even though it was operating completely normally. Any ideas?
  27. The most likely cause will be high resistance contacts on the processor lid micro-switch, it is located in the back corner, near the extract fan. Probably the pump error alarm has been set to off (standard setting 3 Pump error) which is why there is no error.
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