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  2. 15010-00003 usually cause Windows. Might be not working some Windows componnent, or something like that. In most cases EZ controller removal and re-instillation doesn't help. Need reinstall Windows. Of cource can find what on Windows doesn't work properely, but it is very dificult. Chinese dongles work only with exact EZ controller version. Version 6.60 can be used on W10 64 bit. EZ controller 6.60 is the first version, which can work there. If EZ controller doesn't work with Chinese dongles then it is possible to work on this software without any dongles. Even EZ controller 8.10 can do it.
  3. Thanks to all- the Image Processing PCB was the culprit- changed over and all good now. Thanks again,
  4. Last week
  5. Hey rllerena, I'm curious was this issue resolved for you? I am presented with the same error code running EZ software 6.6 when connecting my LS600. I have installed the software and connected the driver / usb key on both windows 7 32 & 64bit, using a PC with 16gb ram, on both I am issued the same 15010-00003 code. On windows 10 I can not connect the USB key / driver at all. Unfortunately I can not update the EZ software as I am using a Chinese software / duped dongle package
  6. Nesupratau nie vieno žodžio. Nori atsakymo - rašyk klausimą Angliškai.
  7. Olá pessoal, minha máquina vem apresentando o erro 6901 -0008. O erro vem ocorrendo constantemente. Consigo resolver quando desligo a chave de energia geral da máquina e após 5 minutos, ligo. Pra essa situação, tem chance se der apenas uma conexão ruím nos cabos arcnet ou tem algo mais sério aos poucos?
  8. As written above I changed rubber rings on rewind units from Noritsu film carriers. There rubber rings are smaller, so can't use them here. Use rubber rings, which have similar size, which are now. 334Y100016 can ask Fuji. In Europe Fuji parts can order from Veritek, or Pm2S. If avalable they can order part from Japan. Migth be that Fuji doesn't have this part in stock. SP500 scanner is discontinued, so it wouldn't be strange. Even big shop from Japan ( Dadaer LLC ) does not offer to oder 334Y100016 ( can oder 334Y100014 and 334Y100018, but here different parts ) .
  9. FP232B is a Fujifilm film processor. Try to order from the distributor of this company.
  10. Since I don't have illustrated parts list of Noritsu LS-1100 scannner. . . I seek your help in providing me part nos. and quantities of those UPPER rollers, ONLY for 135 lane(s) & genuine from Noritsu .. please and please .
  11. Dear Sirs, where to get / order film leaders for Noritsu FP232B film processor ? see below photo
  12. Does anybody knows how to solve this issue with the cyan line see attached
  13. TECNOR

    Fuji MSP49

    I have amsp49, I can exchange with MSP43.
  14. Which RAM do you need? Do not know what means your "it" .
  15. How can I get it? I am located at Nigeria in Africa.
  16. Do not write nonsense. AOM driver is not related with R laser head temperature. Even without AOM driver R laser temperature should be correct. Here it is lower, than should be. When one month, or longer period passed probably problem was solved. Do not know, why you wrote all your messages.
  17. 33 pro software doesn't exist. There are : QSS3302PRO software. Can be installed on QSS3301, QSS3302, QSS3311, QSS3312 . QSS3300 PRO software. Can be installed on QSS3300 . QSS3302 SD PRO software. Can be installed on QSS3301 SD, QSS3302 SD Only QSS3300 PRO software has dongle. Can work witout it. Each time wen enter menu will be error. Need cancel it. It is possible install virtual dongle. Then will not be error. Do not know, which "CD-writer software" you are talking about, but PRO software do not need any writers.
  18. Hi Do you mean the pump cap assembly? would be better if you take photo and upload here. Thanks
  19. Hi Try to swap first the AOM if there is changes Thanks
  20. Hi Sir! Sometimes the problem is in the dryer sensor sir try to clean and perform sensor sensitivity adjustment hope it help. Thanks
  21. Can you install version pro without problems.
  22. Hi Try to open the pump itself maybe there is an object to blocking during operation. Thanks
  23. Hi Try to check the AOM and Driver as well Thanks
  24. There is a 33 pro software but you need a Dongle and a CD-writer software which comes with the Dongle or you can use a crack which work as well.
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