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  2. Understand and i will,..just have it not with me at the moment..thanks for the reply
  3. problem print(s) sharing is better than thousand words . . . my opinion
  4. My Noritsu 3704 HD with laser used about 4500 hours have many problems in high light area, the light area dousnt show any contrast any more. Chemistry in top condition,i did follow replacement files and run initial set up,also the colorimeter data disk read again,did also manual high light correction but still no improvement,also my profiles did not give any improvement,all self diagnostics come out ok and no single problem or error occurs. Any one a sugestion for repairment or any adjustment ? with kind regards ...de foto boer
  5. Great, thank you for clarifying. It's good to know the outcome, so it can help someone in the future.
  6. I replace laser control pcb. And my problem is solved.
  7. What was already done? What laser PCB did you replace? There is not enough detail in your reply for it to make any sense.
  8. Thank you for your response. Already done with laser PCB replacement Regards, Jeffrey
  9. https://www.gigabyte.com/eu/Support/FAQ/1579
  10. If you remove the USB cable from the scanner it should power off. If it does not, move the position of the red switch on the back of the scanner. If there no switch on the back of the scanner, it's likely to be a converted S4 scanner that does not have the USB power control. If the scanner powers off with the USB cable removed but does not power off when the PC has shut down, you will need to adjust the BIOS settings on the PC motherboard to turn off the USB 5V power when off. It's often called ERP or EUP, on some older motherboards a physical jumper position will need to be changed.
  11. Probably the cause is poor alignment. Run the laser test to see what the lowest percentage it synchronises at (assuming it is synchronising at all).
  12. Thanks for the answer! Appreciated it. Someone I know has a kiosk image that is set with PIC2.6, but won’t connect to scanner. - scanner pings and vice versa - scanner has C4/C5 (server name “PIC”) - kiosk 2.6 name “PIC” - kiosk runs without error. All apps running (Simon, Jobman, SQL, request spooler) - So I think it needs connection software to be installed. But wich? Any idea?
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  14. I know that the PIC is the basis for creating the MS but only someone from the US who has access to this soft can help you, in fact, I only used the same soft once when servicing a machine on a ship. I used a ready-made image and not installation disks. Why do you want to use the PIC? Alves
  15. Hi, I got the error message E-4750, under the menu 0351 CCD adjustment. Apparently the CCD unit is not working properly. Has anyone got experience with problem? I have been told that the CCD unit is very expensive, and basically it doesn't make sense to change once it is broken. Any idea if it possible to clean/fix somehow? Any help would be much appreciated - many thanks in advance. Best!
  16. I never use pic 2.6 software,I use MS01 for xp or W7 and MS11 for connect SP3000
  17. Compressed Air bottle blowing perhaps . .
  18. I know, but that’s not really an answer to my question.
  19. leader cleaning may help,, check / clean the black flannel (if any) tell if scratches are on the film emulsion side -or- film back see this good luck
  20. On our LS-1100, after inserting a film strip into the scanner, scratches are introduced onto film. What is the likely cause and solution to prevent scratches?
  21. Hi... Pic is used only US, outside is MS, S2, A1 Alves
  22. Hey everyone, I would like to install PIC2.6 on server to connect with SP3000 (stand alone) Which connection software do I need on scanner and PIC2.6? C4/C5? S2? MS11? Thanks!
  23. Thank you for your response, I set from laser G to AOM crystal and had 3 point at the corner of prism, and then before polygon only 1 point and i search the brightest one. Are they true ? If true so i think laser G is in to the polygon Are you want to say that laser doesn't reach into polygon? Are these that you mean ? FYI the real upper first picture magenta is printed, but it so transparant ( so thin and doesn't see if i take some picture ) My first problem ( before i started to replace and open anything ) is also same result with this situation now ( magenta printed but so transparant ) Regards, Jeffrey
  24. You will not turn off scanner using close down check. If connected only scanner you can close EZ controller faster - select to quit an application. If scanner is HS1800 ( or converted S4 with SSR ) then scanner turns off when your computer will be off ( USB has not power ) . Also power switch should be in position OFF. On BIOS settings should be selected when computer is off no power on USB port, where connected scanner. If here is converted S4 ( without SSR and power switch ) then close EZ controller and unplug scanner power cable, or use power switch on power extension lead, or on wall socket ( if power switch is there ) . If want can add power switch on scanner.
  25. I think you misplaced your AOM crystal, so the modulation beam is not going the right way to the paper. I'll try to explain in a simpler way the AOM function of the crystal... The main task of the AOM crystal is to divide the laser beam from the laser module from one into four or more beams (some of them will be unmodulated, and some will be modulated). The task of the service engineer is to determine the modulated beam and direct it along the correct path to the polygon unit. If the laser is working, you can see one beam coming out of the module. A defective laser will not generate a beam or will be faint / weak (not your case - a green laser always looks brighter than blue). The blue and red lasers are directly modulated and do not have any AOM crystals, AOM drivers etc. in your minilab, so we don't cover them here. I recommend that you ask your laser module vendor to be involved in the laser beam alignment process and help you find the correct beam position. When we sell our lasers, we always provide our customers with an installation manual. The same manual should be provided to you by the seller.
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