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  2. Level sensors are double. They have processing solution sensor ( it is lower ) and refilling water sensor ( it is higher ) . Check refilling water sensors. Move floats up - down and look on input check. When refilling water sensors are OFF then system exact time automatically refills water. When time passed, or sensor ON refilling stops. If sensor already ON then system does not refill water.
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  4. Ready lamp ( LED pcb with green and red leds ) connected to power pcb2 - connector J/P52. Check voltages on LED pcb connector J/P118. On pin 3 should be 24V. Pin 1 and pin2 - LED control circuit. If here 0V ( connected to ground ) then one of colors should ON. Check LED power supply ( 24V ) . If have - from output check run LEDs . If control circuit works on pin1, or pin 2 should be about 0V. To test LED pcb you can connect pin1, or pin2 to ground and lamp should be light. If control circuit doesn't work check connectors J/P118 ( LED board connector ) , J/P52 and J/P89 ( connectors on power pcb2 ) and J/P10 ( on main control pcb ) . If lamp works, connection is good but doesn't work then faulty power pcb2 , or main control pcb.
  5. I have confirmed via output check that the RED lamp does in fact work (although I've never seen it come on except when doing the output check), but the GREEN lamp doesn't even work in output check. I think I'll remove the LED PCB and see if a green LED has failed (I assume they're connected in series).
  6. I've noticed that every time I do the startup checks on my T15, it will refill the CD and STB3 with water (every single time, without fail), but never refill any of the others. Is that normal? Input check shows that the level sensors for ALL tanks are ON, both before and after it does the automatic refilling.
  7. The "ready lamp" in my T15 has never worked (neither red nor green), so I was wondering what the best way to test it is? There's 3 wires, so I assume a common ground and simply +24V each for red and green? The wiring seems OK (continuity wise), so I guess first thing is to test the LED PCB with +24V? Is it common for these to fail? It's obviously not a big deal, but would be nice to have it working.
  8. >> These are the models compatible with the software Apex Kpex + v 11.0 Hi Kmit, Thanks so much for getting back to me with this information. I had suspected the i1220 and 'older' legacy hardware may have been dropped by Kodak Alaris with their new updates. Same goes for the G4 receipt printer it seems. Is there a definitive list somewhere of all currently supported hardware on either a KPK+ or APEX+ systems from v11 onwards? Receipt printers, barcode scanners, camera card readers, even non-Kodak printers such as the legacy Canon and Epson poster printers...? Are there some devices only supported on APEX+ OR on KPK+ (not on both)? Would be great if we could get this thread or a page on these forums with current info, so anyone like me needing to upgrade parts of their older systems can search for options with confidence. Thanks again, Ducky
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  10. These are the models compatible with the software Apex Kpex + v 11.0<<<<<<< PS7 EPSON Perfection 1660 PS8 EPSON Perfection 2400 PS9 EPSON Perfection PS10 EPSON Perfection PS11 EPSON Perfection V100 PS12 MicroTek PS13 EPSON V19 1041C Functionality in KPEX+ v7.1 PAKON KODAK F135 PLUS film scanner only with 7 32 bit KODAK Rapid Print Scanner I KODAK Alaris KODAK Rapid Print Scanner II KODAK Alaris
  11. On all the film processors I have worked on I turn DIP switch 2 on, and leave it in service mode. It makes and future fault finding over the telephone much easier.
  12. Hi, I've recently updated my Apex and Kiosk to v11 from v8, and now neither machine offers scanning from the Kodak i1220 Rapid Print Scanners. Previously, these scanners were enabled by default but this seems to have changed. I checked and the scanner appears just fine in the Windows device manager (driver is found, loaded and working). Is there anyone out there who has their i1220 RPS working with v11 APEX+/KPK+, if so, how did you get it to work? Is there an enabler for this scanner? Thanks in advance for any help you can offer! Ducky
  13. When film processor is in service mode on LCD should see S. To access service mode need service floppy and enter service password. One more option is change DIP switch DS2 pin 2 to ON, power on film processor and it always will be in service mode.
  14. S2 software is only for XP. MS01 + MS11 + MS16 + optional modules can be for XP, or W7 32 bit. Depends on software versions. On MS11 version for W7 32 bit included 64 bit driver. Software allows to install it on W10 64 bit. Might be this MS11 can work on W10 64 bit. On this Windows need newer MS01 ( version for W10 64 bit ) . If you need I can help to reinstall your scanner on newer Windows. Write private message, if interested.
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  16. Hola, soy de Argentina tengo una noritsu 3501i mi problema es que las fotografías no me salen bien el color blanco. Hice una fotografía en mi maquina y otra en otro laboratorio y es mucha la diferencia. Si alguien me podría ayudar
  17. Hi there, Recently acquired a SP500 with the S2 software. I was planning to run this on my M1 Mac Studio with an XP VM using UTM, but I cannot get the SP500 to show using UTM (it looks like this could be a common thing). I'm a Mac household (Studio Display), and it looks like the cleanest way I can get this working is purchasing a Mac Mini, and run Windows 10 from it (no need for VM, Studio Display will work with Mac mini and Win10). Does anyone work with a similar setup? Any suggestion where I can find W10 software for the SP500?
  18. The head is even 7 years old ( not only ) . It is long time for print head. DL-650 print head unit has 6 elements. All they are double ( two colors ) . There are two head elements with yellow color - E on element 3 and H on element 4 . There are four options : From Fuji buy print head unit - 10000 USD From Epson buy print head unit - 7400 USD From China buy assembled print head unit - 3700 USD From China buy one head element - 140 USD
  19. Dave thank you so much for the fast answer! Do I need the floppy for the initialization? And how is it possible to enter the service mode? friendly regards
  20. Were you successful with this? I have a DL650 that needs a head replacement. The yellow nozzles on #3 are extremely spotty. I want to try everything I can before I give in a replace it for over $20k or buy a new machine! Soooo expensive! The head is only 7 years old!
  21. Press No. Mode, Floppy Standard Setting, Data Initialisation, All. This should clear the error. Now set the Date and Time, Program Timer and Basic (Replenisher) Amount Setting. Note the machine must be in service mode to access the Data Initialisation menu.
  22. Hi there, we have a problem with our V30 after a view days not working and without electricity we got error code 052 and the machine says „lost all data - insert data“. I guess that’s the battery on the mainboard is empty. Did someone have the original floppy with the software? Or even better a image of the software. Thanks a lot and best regards! Marlon
  23. Removed dumper can see here : https://www.minilabhelp.com/index.php?/forums/topic/25768-help-how-fix-blank-prints-after-reinstall-headprint-dx100/page/2/#comment-73665
  24. Here is not encoder. Here is CR Scale. CR Scale can buy from Epson. It has part number 1514904. Many shops sell Epson parts. For example : https://www.primeparts.ca/Printer-Parts/Epson/Internal-Parts/1514904/ https://www.pc21.fr/fiche/1514904-scale-cr-i1577735.html https://www.unicompparts.com/epson-printer-parts-c29/epson-spare-part-scale-cr-1514904-p6087 Find shop in your area.
  25. Sine

    DX100 encoder

    by encoder I mean the strip as per the attached photo
  26. Thank you so much to those who answered. I'm setting it up in the menu. I think there will be good results soon. The noise was caused by the aging of the fan bearing. Fortunately, the seller decided to replace this part.
  27. You need only PC-laser interface pcb . PC-scanner interface pcb is connected to PC-laser interface pcb. You can disconnect these boards and use only one. You need : PC-laser interface pcb ( J391048 or J391266 ) . Switch control PCB ( J391121 or J391238 ) QSS3202 SD PRO software . J391049 , or J391267 need if want connect scanner. Then need software for QSS3202 SD ( not PRO ) .
  28. What you want to do exactly. It is possible : 1. save NET order minilab ( for example ( QSS3300PRO ) print channels and load them on EZ controller 2. save EZ controller print channels and other settings. After that load them on other EZ controller,
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