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  2. tell me where you can buy a spare part for Fuji Frontier 570 in Poland
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  5. Hi every one, I need help to get the recovery cd 1 & 2 for noritsu qss 3001. Thank you
  6. Fuji didn't give internal circuit diagram of this board. If board is not working need buy other board and change it. Not all LEDs on board should be light. LEDs D1 - D5 are just internal. State not described on service manual. Just see, that D1 - D4 connected to one SN74LV240APW channel ( pin 12, 14, 16 and 18 ) and D5 is connected to other channel ( pin 9 ) . Output enable signals on both channels are connected to ground, so LED5 is light, or dark depends on SN74LV240APW pin 11. It is connected to Altera programmable logic EPM3064ATC100-10N pin 97. Only board makers know, what they programmed here.
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  8. I need servise soft for konica-minolta r2. It is ScantestRD1.exe and gst_chk.exe for settings light sourse unit and checking the optical axis. Does anyone have? Please share it with me.
  9. gives constantly different errors starting from E 2514, E 2517, E 2521 and so on(the diagram does not shine one element is shown in the photo)
  10. Hi all, any good software except dinax mirage for large format printing photos?
  11. I believe we need to calibrate focus on the scanner using a jig chart. Saw one eBay for a lot of money. Hopefully we can find one cheaper.
  12. LDD23 is not programmable from outside. It is plug and play board. Just enough to connected and it should work on any minilab, or stand alone prinbter ( 550, 570, LP5500, LP5700, LP5500R, LP5700R ) . You have various errors, which can cause LDD23 board. Sometimes LDD23 board doesn't turn on power supply slot with 8V and 24V outputs. I think LDD23 board is faulty and you need replace it. To be 100 % need test your board on other minilab, or stand alone printer, or your minilab test with other board.
  13. We have been struggling with breakage for a week. Most likely a breakdown with ___, but we can't figure out what exactly. The machine can work for a day and then it starts to pour in various errors E2521, 2517, 2512, 2525, etc. We cannot find a replacement unit. Does this board have some kind of firmware? Is it possible to reprogram it? Ldd23 One ___ is off during initialization, is that how it should be?
  14. Fuji Frontier 570on the LDD23 board. one led does not light up. it should be?


  15. @oliphaz, what's up with your machine now ? did you find a solution ?
  16. but these Left and Right parts aren't the same between SL-D700 and DX100
  17. All depends where to search. In Europe Pm2S have them https://www.worldpartservice.com/shop-catalog?show=FW16G1730024 ( 7 in stock ) https://www.worldpartservice.com/shop-catalog?show=FW16G1730025 ( 1 in stock ) Fuji parts are made by Epson. Fuji just sell them. The most Epson SL-D700 and Fuji DX100 parts are the same.
  18. it seems that Epson SL-D700 parts are more easy to get when compared with Fuji DX100
  19. axxa2009

    ms01 ver.3

    Hi I have the Ver 3.0 but you can share with me the ms21? thanks
  20. The best color changes can see on daily setup. On 5xx series Fuji printers ( 500, 550,...) synchronization works on Red channel. If you have 2529 error that means signal is too weak on synchronization sensor. Usually it cause broken R laser. Maximal working current for Red is up to 210 mA . Software allows to set 250 mA and it is too big for this laser. Only pulse current would be higher ( 350 mA ) .
  21. Thanks! Soon I will change the AOM to see if this problem solves. I haven't identified whether it's red or magenta. Looking like this is difficult... The SOS error I believe just changing the red laser, correct?
  22. Yes that's exactly the intention. It is not completely sealed so some water is supposed to pass through. But a bit.
  23. Hi, i checked all the pump is in working condition. As for the rubber, do you mean the divider for all the PS tank? and do you mean that when i pour water in PS2 tank, water shouldn't be flowing to the tank next to it? I will check it out rubber seal Thank you very much!
  24. Hi, help me, please, software I need an MSP 48 for Dx100.
  25. CS-1 used with some QSS32 and QSS34 minilabs. Workstation has computer ( with PCI/LVDS-ARCNET pcb ) and many boards ( image processing pcb, image correction pcb, digital ice pcb, digital ice control pcb ) . Workstation can make yourself, if have disassembled QSS3301, QSS3302, QSS3311, QSS3312 ( standard - not SD models ) . On these minilabs used the same boards, which are on CS-1.
  26. Where can i find a CS1 for a scanner S3 ?
  27. If you have checked all the pumps. And you did not notice any decrease in water consumption. So there is a rubber that prevents water passage from cell to cell it probably does not do the job over the years. Replace them.
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