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  3. On your picture relays X11, X12. Leave all connected as they connected now. On diagram see they connected to 230V circuit. The same will be in Australia. As I see on picture your film processor is slightly different. It has only one terminal. Connect there Live, Neutral and Earth. Disconnect wires from breaker output and connect transformer. All circuit connected to U V use 100 V. Also check heater unit connection and dryer connection. They depend on mains voltage ( 200 - 240 V ) . Make sure, that heaters are for 230 V voltage. Check and change, if necessary.
  4. Hi Maxi I have attached a few pictures of Graeme's machine. Pic 1 and 2 show the two contactors left hand side has live connections right hand side has neutral connections straight from the terminal supply block, as previously asked is this normal with this set up?
  5. S2 and S3 can use only with minilab. It can work without minilab also, but need to use boards from QSS3301, or QSS32. ( image processing, image correction, digital ice, PCI/ARCNET-LVDS, digital ice control pcb ) . QSS3300 has not these boards. Only S4 and S1-II can be converted to work without minilab and these boards.
  6. Hello, i have a problem with my LS-600, bought from Turkey. The lens moves between both lanes 135 and 240 but it has a mechanical jam that doesn't allow to fit ok in both lanes, it's jammed between both. Do you need a video to see the problem?
  7. My QSS-3300S Digital machine is damaged, but I don’t want to repair it. I want to use the host and S2 scanner independently. What do I need to do? Or what equipment or software needs to be added Thank you
  8. Sorry, but can't add anything to my previous post. I think there all explained well. What are your "separate contactors" ? As told before Live and Neutral need connect to Terminal 1 ( contacts R and S ) . Doesn't matter which wire where connected. All other circuit get a.c. through jumpers connected to Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. Jumpers between Terminals ( Terminal 1 - Terminal 2 ) and jumpers on Terminal 2 should connected as you see on diagram above. Do not need change connections between Terminal 2 and power board. On U and V circuit just need add transformer TR2. How to do it re
  9. Opps sorry I mixed up the scanner model on LS-600 one I038404-00 (5V power supply) and I038405-00 (24V power supply). Both of them need to be checked FIRST I would suggest. see below
  10. Hi Maxi Just wondering if you could answer the other question I asked about the live and neutral going through separate contactors, and do i have to do any rewiring at the main switch connections U V? this was suggested in another previous comment. Thanks Stuart
  11. Hi Maxi Thanks for the info I'll look into it. If I have any issues I'll get back in touch. Cheers Stuart
  12. Are you really electrician? Asking, because do not understand very simple things. The most of us are not electricians, but understand how to do it. Now wires between terminal 1 and terminal 2 and jumpers on terminal 2 might be connected different. Connect them as you see on my picture, or on service manual ( circuit 1P2W ). Check all that. In Australia 240 V is between Live and Neutral ( Brown and Blue wires ) . Connect them to input ( contacts R and S on Terminal 1 ) . Contact E on terminal 1 should be connected to Earth ( Green wire with yellow stripes ) . Some film processo
  13. Hi Maxi My apologies mate but things are getting lost in translation your comment 'Now wire connections on terminal 1 and terminal 2 are different' what do you mean? 'So input connect to 240 V and 10 V output to U and V.' Does the 110v also go through the main switch on the side? Also can you answer the following questions 1)The 240v supply which is a 20amp supply goes straight to 2 contractors can someone explain why we have the neutral on its own contactor? 2)last question is there anything else I have to change due to the 240v supply? Thanks again we're gett
  14. That is what technician installed on an old windows xp sp2 machine, and it just works ok. I was planning on installing the same in a virtual machine, to receive images from SP3000. What do you think?
  15. Yesterday
  16. Photos can u send wtsp number I get difficult to upload ather photos thank u
  17. You were asked to place here not one image but 5. Why not to do it? This image says nothing.
  18. Thank u yustas plz find Image and check francis
  19. PLEASE MAKE A PRINT SCREENS OF: B laser data G laser data R laser data Laser exposure check Laser history (Last table) and send it to us first of all. Everything will be clear.
  20. W-2527 G LASER (G-SHG) CURRENT EXCEEDS THE SPECIFIED RANGE W-2528 B LASER (B-SHG) CURRENT EXCEEDS THE SPECIFIED RANGE. E-2524 G LASER (G-SHG) CURRENT MEASUREMENT VALUE OUTSIDE SPECIFIED RANGE E-2525 B LASER (B-SHG) CURRENT MEASUREMENT VALUE OUTSIDE SPECIFIED RANGE Feature of the problem: pop-up error or warning message. Model: Any Fujifilm Frontier Lab Likely cause 1: poor contact Likely Cause 2: Faulty LDD20 PCB Likely cause 3: worn-out laser module 1. Replace the LDD20 board and see the result. 2. Try to reconnect all cables around the laser device. Sometimes
  21. Now wire connections on terminal 1 and terminal 2 are different. Connect wires and jumpers as you see on my picture. 240 V ( live and neutral ) need connect to input ( R and S - where written 240 V ) . Yes, transformer input will be connected to the same contacts - just through protective circuit . So input connect to 240 V and 10 V output to U and V.
  22. Hi group stuart here the electrician working for Graeme. Thank you all for the helpful information I just need a few points cleared up from the previous posts. Your comment “need change only terminal connections 1, 2 &3” I don’t understand change them to what? I will set up the variable voltage transformer from the 240 mains then correct me if I am wrong connect the 100volts to the U V on the noise filter and also the main breaker? The 240v supply which is a 20amp supply goes straight to 2 contractors can someone explain why we have the neutral on its own contractor? l
  23. Hello I have E 2524 on fuji 340 say G laser temperature out of range what can do I need help Thx Francis
  24. check the 24V and 36V outputs from the 2 rectangular power supply PCBs at the back of LS-600 scanner . .
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