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  2. I believe that.. qss39xx is the "FullStop" of N wet minilab model 。
  3. yes, exactly! the cause was not subscan unit but grounding. I thought you read the information about it on my website before writing the first message here and advised the other causes. I am glad that you found the culprit behind the issue anyway
  4. No information about instillation on service manual. Noritsu has other manual. It is called instillation manual.
  5. Thank you for all of your responses. I finally fixed the problem. I removed the sub scan and everything inside the distribution section, and vacuumed all the dust and cleaned the sensors. After doing this, I sent a print and noticed 80% improvement. For my final step, I grounded the scanner, (sp2000) with the printer. After that the problem went away. Cheers everyone.
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  7. If you need something I can help you to install your minilab step to step.
  8. Exactly all this explanation is in the manual service.
  9. If minilab is from factory first need remove transportation brackets. All information can find on QSS39 instillation manual. Then need connect electricity. How to do it depends on area where minilab will be used. If do not correctly can destroy minilab. Read service manual, instillation manual and circuit diagram. To connect and test minilab need install system software ( for QSS3904G should be version 19, or latter ) and profile data ( for QSS3904 should be 4.80, or latter ) . Then need connect printer and register. Might be need to load some data ( depends on exact situation ) . Th
  10. I strongly recommend asking help of the certified by Noritsu service engineer for installation of this lab. QSS3904 is the latest model of Noritsu and it is VERY strange that the seller did not offer the installation service for you. If you ignore my piece of advice you will lose much more in the end.
  11. Hi here, am new of noritsu 3904g. I want to ask all member in minilab help. I have 8 CD come with my 3804g but I don’t know how to setup it. Can anyone tell me which CD that I have to install first ? Thanks
  12. Hi i was stuck with this error on Fujifilm DX100, err. n.1495 (Ink Leak Error). If someone has the same issues i fixed it with the service software (leave open the front cover first) going to Adjustments/Maintenance/IES Detection flag ...you can see the text "current:abnormal"....so flag "Before Repairing" and click RUN will change the status in "current:under repair" then flag "completion of repair" and click RUN, it will change the status in "current:normal" and can come back to print normally. I think it's a temporary solution cause 1495 error means the ink leaks from the holder, so you mus
  13. Last week
  14. in 3501 F type machines when the replenisher level sensors are abnormal these errors will happen . machine has three replenisher tanks one p1 and two p2 tanks.. each tank has two sensors upper and lower.. if the level sensors of these are not come to off periodically machine will stop pumping replenisher and replenisher lac time will increase to 160 and the predetermine amount message will come.. on servise mode you can clear reple, lac time and continue job but the message will come again after some prints.. because it will not pump replenisher processing tank level also go low.. check the
  15. Your minilab has two problems. First is that P1 sensor doesn't detect level in the working tank ( error 5916 ) .. Remove CD filter and through hole try to move sensor float up - down. Look sensor status on input check menu. If moving sensor float you see changes then solution level is too low. Add water to reach correct level. If sensor doesn't work check level changes with multimeter. Also can disconnect sensor and check resistance. When sensor float is on top position you should see short circuit ( about 0 Ohm ) . Error 5912 means that replenishment tanks should be already empty, b
  17. Hello I recently received an 3501 F This is process CP49 And i received a lot of error from processing section Someone knows the correct process to install the cartidrage and values for replenishment, i dont understand very well I will aprecciate your help Thankyou
  18. upgrade to 3001, then 32xx, then 35xx but I want to upgrade to 38xx or 39xx
  19. hello those are the photos i have
  20. Feel free to PM me for the manual! I can't compress it to meet the 433kb max file size requirement
  21. Considering the 1501 is 30 years old it is hardly surprising you can no longer find spare parts for it. Perhaps it is time to upgrade?
  22. try ask me if you can provide Noritsu part no. or parts photo. One friend of mine has one set of QSS-1501 IDEAL in his warehouse in China
  23. I have a 1501 but I can no longer find spare parts
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