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    • Hey! I’ve got most of the software up on my windows 10 computer but it says the scanner is not connected. I think I need an updated Twain driver, does anyone know anything about that? Thank you!
    • Then missing motor power supply. On motor connector J/P767 should be power supply. Between pin1 and pin2 should be 24V. I think you wrote wrong LED status, or something measured incorrectly. Something wrong with processor relay pcb, or application. Check where you have 24V and where have not : 24V on  J/P654 ( between pin 1 and pin 6 ) , or between TP2 ( ground ) and TP1 ( 24V ) . LED14 on processor relay pcb should be light. 24V should be between ground and fuse F53 ( on both sides )  24V should be between ground and J/P648 pin 1 24V should be between ground and J/P648 pin 4 ( when dryer cover interlock switch activated ) . When have this voltage - LED10 is light and relay X8 activated. 24V should be between ground and J/P659 pin 1 24V should be between ground and J/P649 pin 4 ( when processor cover interlock switch activated ) . When have this voltage, relay X8 is on, processor drive is ON ( software output check ) then LED11 should be light and relay X5 activated. If LED11  light and relay X5 activated then should be 24V on J/P658 pin 1. It is connected to motor connector ( J/P767 pin 1 ) . Check all again. Then you can see where 24V disappear. Take QSS3501F PLUS or Fuji LP7100 service manual. There is circuit diagram where can see all connections.
    • Preheating is turned off but the heater is working and I can turn it on manually. That's a good point but I don't think that is related to the issue I am having with the drive motor though. I am going to fix the drive motor problem first and then try that.
    • I tested J/P767 and J/P658. Neither have any voltage so I think there is no power going to the the motor.
    • I think LED10 has voltage, but LED is faulty. It is not a problem. LED is just to see relay status. LED11 is light ( relay X5 is ON ) ONLY when LED10 has voltage ( relay X8 is ON ) .  Motor connector  J/P767 is power supply. Do you have 24V there ( between pin1 and pin2 ) ? If yes then power supply circuit works ( power supply, fuse, interlock switches, X5, X8 and other ) . On motor connector J/P780 are control signals. This connector connected with J/P702 ( connector on processor control pcb ) . It is other board ( pcb with ARCNET ) - not processor relay pcb.  
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