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Happy Birthday Mr Noritsu


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And a very happy birthday to you.  Must be at least...mmmm....35 cos no one in their right mind would ever want to be 21 again.  I think we should start a self-help group for people on this site who still love the industry while it dishes out such challenges.  Like you, like me, and I guess a few others.  We shall call our selves the 10-Step-Photo Processing-Recovery-Group.  Unless someone else has a better name

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Still alive and kicking aussiecam and as another year has passed perhaps I should change that to 109.

Heh, heh, very funny Tony. I know I need help.  Found myself making sure I cut the film EXACTLY between the sprockets to-day.  But then, (most addicts are prone to rationalise their behaviour), we weren't that busy and I had the time!

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