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Mini Lab Help.com is pleased to announce that Photomart, are to continue the support for this web site for 2008. The sponsorship from Photomart, enables Mini Lab Help.com to function and grow.

Right... The Mini Lab Help.com classified adverts section is now live  As far as I can see this is all workings OK. I can/will develop this as needed, to include countries, manufactures etc. But for now, set it up as "Global Sales"

Adverts can be placed for FREE, or for a small fee, you can have a featured advert, or extend how long an advert is show.

This will replace the "For Sale" section and also the "Jobs" section on the forum soon... Right, if you wish to sell anything, have a service to offer, looking or offering a job take a look at


To help me continue developing Mini Lab Help.com please consider making a donation


Add your site to the Mini Lab Help.com Link Directory, free links are available... If you add your site, you will get a better listing from the search engines please visit


If there are any additions to Mini Lab Help.com that you would like to see, please let me know. I can set it up (subject to funding)

This is your web site, and it can only expand, with contributions and suggestions...

You can contact me with questions, ideas or suggestions at


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