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air store soho closing


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Very sorry to see this happen. We hosted Bill McCurry recently and he showed me some pictures of your store from a presentation he was giving. The products, merchandising and marketing was excellent and you were certainly well ahead of the industry. One thing I did wonder about was the huge rent you must be paying Central London? The frontage photos indicated you must occupy quite a large space?

Anyhow, great concept and hopefully you can duplicate this without so much overhead. Best of luck for the future.

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Big shop is easy when the footfall and the products match - problems are when the footfall is not there. We  started  making a loss and then a big shop = a big loss. Roadworks due to be outside the shop for October and November - not able to make a loss that long. still ..... Next.

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Hi Karen,

I really enjoyed my visit to Air this spring. Your store was an inspirational concept, - thou i choose to keep to my turkish bazaar look and feel, - and cram every square mm with stock, kit, or crap !

I was most impressed with the amaising prices you could achieve for enlargements, mounts and frames - who cares about 10p or 12p prints when you can get those prices.

Best wishes to you all whatever you do.

Phil Rigby

Spectrum Imaging

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