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depressed chav


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A man is on his way to work when suddenly he finds himself stuck in the worst traffic jam he's ever seen.

He sits there for about half an hour and then decides to investigate what's causing the hold up.

He gets out of his car and angrily walks to the front of the queue.

About 15 mins later, he finally reaches the front to find a crowd of people standing around a chav sitting in the road holding a can of petrol and a zippo.

The man asks one of the people standing around "what the hell's going on?"

The man replied "Well, this chav walked into the road and sat down saying he wanted to kill himself 'cos he's lost his job in McDonalds and can't afford to go to Elizabeth Dukes to get his girlfriend some new bling. Furthermore, his 1.3 corsa has been impounded by the police and they've given him an ASBO and to top the lot he's spent all his dole money on charlie so he's gonna set himself on fire"

Bemused, the man asked "So what's the hold up then?"

The other man replied, "Oh, we're getting a collection together for him"

"Oh, that's nice" remarked the man. "how much have you got?" he asked

"About 8 gallons so far, but I'm sure we can get more"

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