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Neil, working too hard!!


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           like me you seem to enjoy your work, but it would be great if we were joined by more willing contributors!. I'm supporting you new project photos are great but people please get involved!! We can't work hard enough in times like these and i have found recently that 10mins spent with 1 customer is something they cannot get elsewhere so come on guys support neil and get involved...............

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Ah bless :) thanks for this message and support .. As ever, people that know me will know, that I will work my little socks of, and am a doooo-error not a talker. Yup, busy life I have, but always got a number of projects on the go, that I am working on.

The Photos Are Great idea, as some will know is now in a live state, though, if things go to plan, I would like to see this *Live* around October time, but anyone that can contribute, just get in touch, you get free promotion, but only if you will contribute some of your free time.

Other things... well my home page/s as always things going on with these :) Web sites, I build, well, I am in the latter stages of doing a pretty big e-commerce site for a client, complicated to say but the least ;)

Web hosting, yup, some of you have this with me, and nice stuff you have, and what a price ;) I challenge you to get better :)

Oh, and I have a family to keep me busy, with 4 kids from 13 down to the age of 3  :o

And the political side I am now very active in.. If things now go to plan, I will be standing in a local target ward, so stand a chance of getting elected in 2006, plus all of the meetings I am doing, not to even mention the new web site I am building.

Plus on top of all of that I am on a local committee for our local carnival, which takes place this weekend!! Shucks, Friday night, I am in a field looking after 30 farm animals.. then up at 5.00am to start work on the carnival field.. Then home at 7.00 for a shower, an hours drive to Leeds, where I am then stuck in to a days training *politics*

 ;D Oh, and I also work full time in my minilab  ;D

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