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I had made a mistake when this section was set up, and only admin or mods could see this section :)

OK, you will have noticed that I had the forum running on a simple "blue" theme for a while, and have now done a switch back to the original theme.. Which one would you like as the default one??

You can change the themes and lots more options from your members section :)

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And I prefer my toast very dark and I don't like dressing on my salad.  Can't please everyone, Neil.  No matter what colour you make this site it is absolutely fabulous!  In fact, the highest scale rating you gave on the survey was good.  Good!! Jeez! It's wonderful.  Too modest by far.  :D  However,  :B,would be nice to have a longer list in the portal.  Some of us only get on the site once per day and so we miss some great information.  Just a thought.  Nothing more caring than someone who shares their knowledge.  So, from me, thanks for caring.  

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