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Kodak G4x Noritsu nonDLS enabler


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I bought a second hand G4x and it already has Kodak APEX printer enabled. Is there anyway to enable Noritsu nonDLS as well. I have already tried to enable it through Service Diagnostics, but it returns with a fatal error and Kiosk has to restart. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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When an enabler is installed to do a clean install you must reinstall the terminal, A -> Z.

1) clean solution

For the procedure you must have all softwares DVD/CD

- At startup bios, do F11, choose OS recovery

- Install softwares (version KPK v4 or v5) in right way

- Install patches

- Install template

- Install enabler (PM DVD, Modules ... Noritsu) (Have the CD or DVD enabler if you do not have a technician service module)

- Configure the kiosk (network, formats, prices ...)

2) Rapid solution

Have the technician service module

- Go to configuration, diagnostic, diagnostic service

- disable tool for enabler.

- Then activation tool and select Noritsu Enabler (No DLS)

- Enable and reinstall necessary modules ...

good luck

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