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New beta of FREE ServiKiosk software..


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Happy New Year to all!

Serviomatic is pleased to announce the beta release of ServiKiosk 1.5

It can be downloaded from here:


Notable changes:

* Up to five languages

* Translation from within the app of all customer facing text.

* Automatic resize for screens bigger than 1024x768.

* Navigation mode for media with large number of photos

Please remember that this is beta software and we kindly request that you provide us with feedback.

Many thanks,


Serviomatic Systems, SL

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Hi Jason,

As usual a very good program and Few suggestions,

Sir can you give a option to change the background from pink to any desired colour or add a Background picture.

The warning for Low resolution Pictures is in Spanish, people don't understand that, and ask me what is it?

There is one more major problem, when you go to language change the text from Client to Customer name, the whole system slows , and after few trys the language bar is gone. In fact i had to format my Operating system again.Lastly i would like to suggest to add a copy of the bill in every folder to facilitate the lab or the person who prints to know who has placed the order.


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