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Repair or replace kodak G4 screen


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My Kodak G4 touchscreen has stopped displaying - the head is ok when I plug another screen in. Power is getting in fine but nothing at all appears on screen. It was a little intermittent, - and no nothing at all.

Can anyone point me towards anyone who can repair or replace the screen assembly ?

Is it something a computer shop can handle, - the pc is based on IBM thinkpad, - but no idea about the screen assembly.

Any suggestions much appreciated.


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It is also possible that the inverter board, which supplies the high voltage to the CCFL tubes is defective, which could well account for the intermittent nature. I had a similar failure on a Noritsu CTX display, and found inverter boards available by googleing the part number on the board. After removing the back to the point where the boards are, the inverter is generally a tall and narrow board on the left, with plug ins in each end that go to the CCFL tubes.  I wouldn't hesitate to replace the board myself, but would not try to replace the tubes. This is a job from somebody who has done it before!

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