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Looking for kiosk hardware recommendation


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I'm looking for recommendations for kiosk hardware and software.

What I'm thinking of doing is setting up a small photographers gallery come photo accessories shop offering photography, photo framing and selling frames and albums. Also B+W film developing and printing. It strikes me that offering a kiosk for digi point and shoot users would bring people into the shop. I've done a bit of research and discovered that a dyesub printer with kiosk can be had for surprisingly little but I'm wondering what people would recommend as a basic reliable setup to startout with. I'm not looking for a fully automated setup with payment system included but rather a setup where I can just take a camera card and do it hands on.

What kit would you recommend for prints upto 15x10.


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Well 135 , I don't think the reply you got there was going to be useful, so I will give you one.

There are 'head units' available - touch screen processors, with card readers. Photomart do one called an Exan ML8000. Yoiu could use that with most dye sub printers.

There are head unit and printer set ups from Fuji ,Kodak, and Mitsubishi. There are also all in one solutions from DNP ( the SnapLab) and HiTi - P510K and P510S.

Dye Sub printers come in two types - printers that go from print sizes of 6x4" to 6x9" - and are produced by Citizen, DNP, Fuji, HiTi, CIATT ( goes to 6x12"), Kodak and Mitsubishi. Then there are printers that do 8x10" and 8x12"- and these are available from DNP, Kodak and Mitsubishi.

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I hate to say it, but the Kodak G4 (G5?) or the newer Lucidiom kiosks would be my current favorites IF I had to do it again, but ONLY because you can directly plug in an iPhone, Android and memory cards as well as get/print from Facebook.

We have HP & Noritsu kiosks, they're nice (HP), but can't handle iPhones or Facebook.


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I spoke to a local minilab with a film processing setup and a couple of kodak kiosks. He said his annual service contract was almost as much as the cost of the basic setup I'm looking at. Whilst they may be nice kit they are also way over the top for what I'm looking at doing. I would add that this will be for a very small town so I don't think I would ever get my money back on an expensive setup.

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