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G3 Startup App error


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My store sufferred a big power outage and when G3 kiosk rebooted, start up error popped up reading:

"Com Exception Caught in CStartupApp::Open Databases():The operation completed successfully. Unspecified error". Several reboots have not gotten me past that point. Any ideas of what i may need to do to get past or clear this error? I saw in the bios something about limiting automatic startup procedure but I don't know if that is general startup procedure or whether that would by pass automatically starting the Kodak program....and if it did, would that solve anything.


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Probably the hard drive has got some damaged sectors.

You can try connecting the hard drive to another computer (as a second drive) and running a disk check on all partitions.

Failing that you can try pressing the F11 key just after the beep on start up hopefully there is a rescue recovery backup.

If that does not work your only option is to boot from the recovery CD and load all the software again from scratch.

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