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G4x Enhanced Service Options


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So hopefully someone will know what's up with this software, I have two identical G4x machines running 4.0sp2, with an Apex machine to print the items.

Both G4x had options to exit to OS, rescan hardware, etc. under the diagnostics menu, now all of a sudden one of them just has the basic options.  The difference appears to be that this machine is no longer loading the 'Enhanced Service Module' and I don't know how to re-install this or make it load it again thru the kodak interface (since I can't go into winxp anymore)

Any light on this subject, why one would all of a sudden do this, or any way I can revert or reinstall the thing, the main reason I need it back, is cause I have changed the printers that are connected, and I have no way to force it to rescan and update the hardware.


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