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Kodak G4x Card Reader/Receipt Printer Errors


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OK I am hoping someone with more experience can help me with this problem, we got a slightly used Apex system, with two kiosk G4x, one of which was tested working, the other not so much...

So the non working unit, powers on, the loads the kodak software fine (ver 4.0 sp 2) touch screen works, network works, everything about the main 'computer' portion is fine.

The non-working parts are the upper part of the unit, that has the card reader/bluetooth and the receipt printer.  I first noticed that the receipt printer was not working and the red light on the back was not on (yes it is plugged in on the back) but then when I tried to use the usb port/mem card reader/bluetooth, same thing no go, and upon opening front of the machine it appears this is also not getting power (no lights on the bluetooth dongle, etc.)

I have not troubleshot this any farther, and was hoping someone could shed some light on the problem, or direct me into the area where cabling might not be hooked up where I would be getting partial power to the system, etc.

I can reply with more info if needed, thanks for the help, and I was glad to see a forum setup for this type of thing.

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