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G3 install new hardware


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i have plug in a new mainboard

but now i can install the software for the hardware it wont let me update the driver for sound vga and ethernetcontroller

A G3 with V2.0 and xp embedd

Intel duo care E7500 2GB ram

and i wont boot up in safe mode

any one got a easy way 2 get it runnibg with new drivers

best regards

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hi im not very god with english

i use a g3 with software g4  and recently change the motherbord (foxconn , 2cor and 2gb ram)

the soft run perfectly after uninstal the old drivers of the old motherboard and reinstall the news one and run now just have an error media-953736e1-337 but i think because i unplugged the fiscal printer but not sure :s but the rest is fine and run faster all the sistem (estill win 200)

i go to try install all the complete soft g4 with xp and see wath hapen :P

in your case if you want install the soft in any pc just use a norton ghost cd to restore the image contend in the soft and later unnistall the old driver (secure mode) and reinstall the new ones

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