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touch screen, card reader problem


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again its me i recently checked my kiosk only problem now is the card reader i  already installed it twice but with the same results " CARD READER NOT FOUND"  do you think i need a specific software for this here are are the list of my software installer

system cd v 3.7

application CD 3.7C F2.0

g3 wireless device enabler

6800 printer enabler

DLS enable CD

PM 3.7C SP1 F1

PMG3.7C patch sp4

g3 wireless device enabler

IRDA enabler

system cd 5.2

application v5.2 f2  cd1

application  V5.2 F2 cd2

System CD Upgrade SP4

pmg3.7c patch sp5

KODAK Picture Kiosk V1.5 Initialization CD, Version 1.0.1 F1

KPK V1.5 FC3

68XX Printer Firmware March 2009 F1

are these software enough i have loaded/installed everything but the card reader can not be found

hardware is out of the question it works fine when i access it in via exit OS menu. can anyone help me in this. my kiosk hardware is

ASROCK 775i65G



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