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need help with  kodak photo printer 6850


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need help with  kodak photo printer 6850

I currently have a kodak photo printer 6850  with macha error 03 and I can not in the interface of the program of the kodak. I need a service manual to search and replace parts of the machine! I have attached some pictures

Look forward to receiving your help!


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The PINCH ROLLER MOTOR AY is disconnected or malfunctioning

1)Check that CONNECTORS CN12 - CN62 on the PINCH ROLLER

   MOTOR AY and the CONTROLLER BOARD AY are connected


2)Check that CONNECTORS CN41 - CN71 and CN41 - CN72 on the


   connected correctly.

3) remplace the pinch roller motor.

good luck frenchman

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no, i'm living afica. this place don't have any tecnical. i need diagram machine. i have only G4 user documentation but this don't have any position motor or Connectors. can you  send for me machine diagram ! and what problem with program in the computer ?

thanks you very much !

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i had that same error on my 6800 mech 03 error..i went thru the troubleshooting with Kodak..cleaned the heads, removed the usb ports and turned off the printer..still the same problem.. i ended up with a new printer maybe not new but refurbed from kodak.. that is not what you probably wanted to hear,,it took 4 days to finally get a call back from Kodak..

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