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FujiFilm DPC-B01 Motherboard drivers


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I have recently bought a retired early generation Fugifilm DPC. Naturally because it had been decommissioned the Hard drive had been wiped. I have loaded Windows XP pro and have it up and running however it does not recognise the touch panel nor the network port.

Looking at the device manager it shows the on-board USB and network do not have correct drivers.

I have been unable to find any usable markings on the motherboard to help.

Does anyone know:

*The type make or model of the motherboard so I can search for that?

*Or Where i could go to get the suitable drivers?

*Or pin outs of the connector that go to the display/touch panel so I can identify wires used for the touch panel. I will then modify to go to a plug in USB card.

*Or any advice or suggestions to get the unit working fully.

Please note i don't need any kiosk software etc, just the drivers I think.



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Okay, for anyone with one of these units, with windows XP, drivers for the motherboard are not required.

It has an intel embedded NIC, drivers are available from Intel website.

For the touch screen, It is a Fujitsu serial interface touch panel. Drivers are available direct from Fujitsu.

Good luck.


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Ok, signed up just to reply to this as it helped me a great deal:

I found out what type of touch panel I had by search the part number which is a little sticker on the edge of your touchscreen glass

I got the driver for the correct number "Wire" my DPC TYPE 02 is a 7-wire

Then went into device manager and found Microsft Serial mouse (or similar) and updated driver, chose "I will choose the driver" then found the INF file in DISK1 and ignored the warnings...

Here's where I got the drivers:


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