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Noritsu 3211 and photo Kiosks...


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I second Pepe21.

We recently got a HP kiosk setup and actually like them...a lot.  Our kiosk orders are UP in number of orders & # of prints per order.

Customers take a hell of a long time placing orders, but they customize the heck out of their photos, so it's a major "draw" where word of mouth pulls them in.   But a local Target (large box store) has the exact same kiosks.

Another benefit is that unlike the Noritsu kiosks, the HP "system" actually re-sizes the images to the final image size from the original image size....

ie: a 10 Megapixel image is resized down for a 4x6 to 1200x1800 pixels - so processing them on our Noritsu is DAMN fast - (100) 4x6 prints can be done SO MUCH FASTER than the same images from our older Noritsu kiosk where the Noritsu minilab has to re-size the images down before you can PJP and print.

I don't know if the Kodak/Whitech/Lucidiom/Fuji/StoreFront/etc  kiosks re-size images or not, so can't say if its better or worse.

PMA has a DIMA "Kiosk shoot out" - you can search for the entrants from last year's PMA and do some more research for alternate kiosk vendors...



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