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Kodak G4 Kiosk: Upgrading software to v4

Simon T

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Hi there, recently got the v4 disks from Kodak to upgrade my G4 kiosk from v1.5. Installation seems to go fine at the start, files are copied from the DVD, progress bars showing how far we've got, and then after about 15 minutes the screen goes blank, with only the mouse pointer visible, hard disk light flashes once every second roughly, no progress bars, no dialog boxes to give any indication of where we have reached. Left it like this for about 2.5 hours, still didn't complete or indicate what activity was taking place. Used a keyboard to restart and it still started up in v.1.5.

Questions are, therefore: is this normal behaviour for installation? How long should this upgrade normally take? If not, what's going on, and how do I resolve?

Many thanks in advance.


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You need to load version 2.1 initalisation CD 1st in order to get internal adjustments to windows for the system to accept version 4.0 software, there is outside chance that you may need version 1.7 installed between 2.1 and version 4.0 as well.

Hope this helps.

Where did you get the disks from, who supports the kiosk.


Chris Castle

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Thanks both. I was looking for a solution that I could try in order to save service costs, but in the end it was easier just to get the Kodak guys here to sort it out. Chris - you were on the right track. The upgrade path was too steep. Needed intermediates. In the end the Kodak guy just used a disk image on an external HD to do the upgrade in about 20 minutes. All working now. Cheers.

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