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Mitsubishi 9550 dw help


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I have a mitsubishi 9550dw printer in a photo-me kiosk, I have taken it apart to clean the mechanism for the cutting blade and reassembled and now it just keeps tearing the ribbon - i am at my wits end - any help/pointers to try would be appreciated.

many thanks in advance.

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Once the cutter was cleaned it cuts the paper ok but think I must have disturbed something somehow. From what I can workout the ribbon doesn't go anywhere near the cutting mechanism.

The ribbon looks as though it is getting caught in the middle and torn outwards somehow.

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I am going to get a price on a replacement reconditioned printer from photo-me and possibly speak to photomart about servicing cost.

My experience with photo-me service isn't to good - I called an engineer out with a fault on one printer and the engineer basically turned up, scratched his head, couldn't work out the problem by doing this and said I have two options spend many hundreds of pounds in his labour and he still may not be able to work it out OR buy a new printer!!. On another problem speaking with the "help desk" regarding a problem with the screen was told I would have to buy a complete new screen unit (which includes the PC section) and that it would take four days to even get a price on a reconditioned unit - I spoke to an old friend who repairs TV's who diagnosed a faulty board - I got one ordered with photo-me costing £14 and took 5 mins to fit. A couple of days later I got the price for the reconditioned unit at about £2000.

I certainly can't knock the price of the photo-me part but am certainly disappointed at the buy a new one attitude !

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