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Fuji Order-It and C4C5 over Win XP


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Hi there.

We have managed to run C4/C5 DI software with Win XP. It works, and it prints in our old 340 printer.

The next step is the connection with the kiosks. They are 2 Fuji  order-it (version 6). They connect without problem to our very very old backup machine with windows 2000, but when we try to run them against the new Win XP workstation both fail.

For the configuration of the workstation we followed the instructions of an old PDF written by Max Walford, and now we can print from the Win XP smoothly. The only thing we missed is some files stored on Max's server, but it is currently down and I haven't been able to find them anywhere on the Internet. May be the problem related to this files?

Going down to the details, the error reported for the Order-its is about a bad config of Frontier Plugin. We have double checked it, and they are correct.

In StartLog.txt file we have located a problem on the start-up process.

This is a normal startup log, using the old Win 2000 machine:

--- 29/11/2010 10:47:30 ---

10:47:30  Start print-it

29.11.2010 10:48

Initialize PlugIn ...OK

Test Fujifilm Registry...Error

Copy Fujifilm Registry... (FRONTEND)OK

Test ODBC Registry...OK

Test InSpool...OK

Test OutSpool...OK

Test Dlls...OK

Test ODBC-Connection...OK

This is a error log when we connect the new Win XP machine:

29.11.2010 17:28

Initialize PlugIn ...OK

Test Fujifilm Registry...Error

Copy Fujifilm Registry... (FRONTEND)Error

The problem is on the Registry process, but I have no clue about what this registry process is or what resources are involved. Can anybody send some light over this problem, please?

The WinXP has the same network name and IP than the old one. We don't plug them at the same time, and we reboot the order-it after booting the new one to avoid problems.

Thanks in advance!!



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According to the blog post: "To complete a clean install of C4/C5 software in Windows 2000/XP/Vista, some registry settings and file folders must be present in your system"

Basically, you need to know which registry entries are added, and which folders are added when C4/C5 starts (and probably removed when c4/c5 ends).

I would try this:

Start Windows 2000 ONLY, start regedit and save the complete registry to "c:\before.reg", quit regedit, and from the command line type "dir c:\ /OGNE /AD /s  > c:\before.txt"  (assuming there's only 1 hard drive.... I'm not a Fuji person ! :)  )

this will let you know what you are starting with and which directories (aka: file folders) are currently existing before starting C4/C5.

Now, start C4/C5 and wait until it's completely done starting and let it run (don't stop it), then, start regedit and save the complete registry to "c:\after.reg", quit regedit, and from the command line type "dir c:\ /OGNE /AD /s  > c:\after.txt"

Then run a file difference (google "File Diff Windows" to download a utility to do this) on the "before.reg" and "after.reg" files to see what new entries were added /changed when you started C4/C5 and run the file diff on the "before.txt" and "after.txt" to see which directories were created when you started C4/C5.

Then just create a new .reg file to create the new entries and a batch file to create the missing directories (and add the new .reg to the registry) and you should be OK.... maybe.

But without knowing which files were included by Max, it's very hard to say if the above "tips" will work.  I think there will be issues with the DLLs in Windows XP, but can't say for sure.

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Thanks for your response, Dave.

C4/C5 is working correctly, I think the problem is not on Windows registry. Order-it log says that there is a problem while "registering" the Order-it, so it seems to be related with communications or database... Anyway, I will try to find differences in the Windows registry.

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Just Give Up C4-C5 and install MS. On Frontier 340 works like a charm and you have lots of new stuff: Windows XP, editing orders already rendered, remaking orders, powerful color correction quality, very easy install for both server and workstations, lots of tools, autodetection of loaded drives, writing on CD and DVD of any brand, etc.

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Our "FUJI FRONTIER 330 SLP 800SC" have printing machine.

Frontend server installed on windows 2000.

We would like to set up Windows 2000 software uninstall windows xp.

A computer with Windows XP installed for the trial, "the MSDE and FDI," I installed the software but the device out of "FUJI FRONTIER 330 SLP 800-SC" printing machine software does not seem to FDI.

How can these settings.

Thanks in advance for your help

E-MAİL: xbaydostx(@)hotmail.com

(e-mail at no brackets)




Bizim "FUJI FRONTIER 330 SLP 800SC" baskı makinası var.

Frontend sunucuda windows 2000 yüklü.

Biz windows 2000 yazılımı kaldırıp windows xp kurmak istiyoruz.

Deneme için Windows Xp  kurulu olan bir bilgisayara "MSDE ve FDI" Yazılımı kurduk ancak out device "FUJI FRONTIER 330 SLP 800-SC" baskı makinamız FDI yazılımda görünmüyor.

Bu ayarları nasıl yapabiliriz.

Yardımlarınız için şimdiden teşekkürler.

E-MAİL: xbaydostx(@)hotmail.com

( mail adresinde pazantezler yok )

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