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Mitsubishi click 5000 RAM upgrade


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There have been a number of Mitsubishi Click IT5000 systems with different main boards, standard RAM, and max RAM capcities. Most systems are unofficially upgradeable to 3GB, though some max out at 1GB. There is a web page that gives some options by model here:


If you do-it-yourself, boards can be fussy about RAM and refuse to work with some modules. But dealer upgrades are generally too expensive to be worthwhile. Best way is to buy, from your dealer, RAM certified by your dealer for your exact model of Click IT5000. Then if the RAM doesn't work, just return it.

Generally with Click Systems, unless you're running as a server, 1GB is about as much as you'll see any benefit from. If you have issues related to too little RAM, it's usually because you've got a system with 512MB or less.

If your system is still under warranty, or you have a service contract, consider any implications for these before upgrading yourself.

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Hi Harry,

Thanks for the information :-)

I have two click 5000 systems and the one i want to upgrade only has 256MB of ram so you can see why i want to upgrade hehe

I have spoken to my local dealer but they want twice the price of what the RAM should cost (if you compare to a standard pc build)  of course they wont tell you what time of RAM is used as they want to charge you loads, whilst i dont mind paying for a good service i dont want to be ripped off....



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