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Networking G4 Kodak Kiosk with Apex problems


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Hi there, can anyone help.

We have 2 Kodak G4 kiosks and I am trying to network them both with our Apex. One kiosk has networked fine and we can send printing from the kiosk to the apex, no problem. But the other kiosk goes through the motions of letting me place the order, it prints out the receipt etc. but then the apex comes up with a message saying "there has been an error with the printer, please delete the order and try again". This particular kiosk will pick up the internet and I can print images from Facebook etc. it just wont print on the apex but I am not sure what I am doing wrong?

On both kiosks I chose the option to "Join the kiosk network" and both say the apex has been "found". I have set up the kiosk that wont print on the apex the same way as I have set up the kiosk that will work on the apex so I am confused why one worked first time and the other just wont print on the apex. I guess I must have overlooked something, but I am at odds to know what that something is!

Can anyone help before I hurl it through the window and onto the High Street!

Many thanks in advance


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Thanks for your help. I have managed to sort it out now.

I have discovered that the new kiosk that I purchased recently which wouldn't communicate with the Apex is on the latest version of the software V.4 SP2, and my other kiosk and Apex was on V.4 SP1, which is why I was having problems with the new Kiosk as they all need to be on the same version of the software. Had this been explained to me when I purchased the kiosk that I would have to upgrade my existing kiosk and Apex to the latest version of software I would have known what to do and it would have saved me a lot of time trying to get the issue resolved.

So if anyone else buys a kiosk to connect to your Apex make sure it's on the same version of the software and it should work fine!

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