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Thinking of getting a refurbished kiosk


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Hi, I'll introduce myself before I ask a question as I'm new here. I'm Andrea Lane and I have a photography studio in Aylesbury. I started the business last May and I run it with my 3 daughters. I work full time, while the girls each do 3 days a week and I have two college girls who come in to help at the weekends. My studio is in a shopping mall with a fair footfall although not as much as some might think. :)

I follow New Photo Digest on Twitter and they suggested I might like to post some questions here.

We often have people pop into our studio asking if we print photographs and so far we have just sent them to Jessops. (They are outside in the high street). We are trying to make up our minds whether to get a Kodak Kiosk in our reception so that people can print their own photographs. I went to Focus on Imaging on Monday and Kodak had a stand there with a number of kiosks and when I gulped at the price he suggested I might like to think about a refurbished kiosk. It works out at about £3000 with four sets of media (paper and ribbon). I was quite interested in the fact that people could log on to their facebook, flikr or picasa account and print off too.

I would probably use it to print my own 6 x 4 images rather than send to the lab (we offer free 6x4s of images if they buy over a certain amount). We hope that it will be another way of getting people into the studio.

Are there any other photographers with studios that have a kiosk? How do you find it? Did it take you long to make your money back?

Any advice of any sort will be valuable!

Thanking you in anticipation.....  ;D

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If you speak to Tetenal and ask for Chris Castle, i am sure you will get a suprise on the cost of the Kodfak kiosk!!

They were offering the unit for £2550.00 less £500.00 making the price £2,050.00 + vat, new units would cost you a shade over 4.5k.

If you are seroius about having a kosk then there is only one brand to have in store and that is the Kodak unit, it offers 6x4, 5x7 and 8x6 prints from the same media and will produce prints from 12.5p for the 6x4.

Tetenal are a respectable company who service the whole industry with all Imaging solutions from Kodak, service support, consumables and ongoing help all under one roof.

Telephone 0116 232 4910

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I spoke to Chris Dawson of Tetenal on monday at focus. The refurbished units by Kodak looking very interesting. I just want to make sure I don't run before I walk so I'd like to get some unbiased opinions from photographic studios that are or have done the same.

Trevor it's easy to find your number. :-D

Telephone - 01507 354xxx

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Trevor, Iam sorry for the intrusion. Your email details on here reveal who you are , and I was aware of you as you have had dealings with teh company I work for .

I neeed to clarify the information as quickly as I could, as I felt it important to get it correct on here. The information about Sony is not fully correct. DNP are carrying on the production of Sony media ,and I have checked with source that in fcat the intention is carry on with the machines, under different badging. 'Harry Crank's' refrerence to New Photo Digest is all very well, but the inforamtion on there is not fully correct and I doubt it was checked with either Sony or DNP at the time.

This site gets alot of viewing , not just in the UK , but around the world.

If this causes a problem , then I do apologise. Perhaps if Neil would like to get the full information verified, and the matter can be cleared up?

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There is a wisdom that you should always have more than one kiosk, so they have presence and give theatre to your operation. People often shop in groups and each can use at the same time.

I have a couple of G4 kiosks with printers and cabinets that I have from my old shop, they dint gave the very latest software but work great and print 4x6, 5x7, and 6x8

You could have them both for less than the price if a single unit quoted above.

PM me if interested.


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Personally I feel that customers don't see a small table top machine as serious. That's where the bigger Kodak or Fuji, floor standing units have the edge. It shows people you are truly in the business and that the results will be better than a machine they can buy themselves at Dixons. Sorry to the guys suggesting Snaplab - size does seem to matter!

If you're doing prints, you also need a good range of frames and I'd suggest products like the instant photogifts from Adventa, too. A kisok stuck in the corner of a studio reception area just won't cut it on its own  :)

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I started with 1 Kiosk did not want to take trade away from my lab. The kiosk was steady but nothing great, then for some daft

reason I bought 2 more  usage developed quickly. Now have 5 Kiosk in both   shops, sometimes  no one on them other

times all 5 being used and customers waiting. Its about how the customer conceives you are operating. More kiosks instore

has created more trade.  Did away with the instant printers and link them into an Apex. Still have the wet lab but all

digital goes via thermal now it works a treat.

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The more the better. Two would tell customers you are really in the photo business. Aussie cameras makes a good point about the output in regards a studio.

Phil's offer sounds a good one for a newbie. Perhaps get him to come down and show you how best to set up your shop up to maximise potential as part of the deal  ;)

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I understand where Phil is coming from, and agree with his thinking if you're a photo shop, but also agree with those pointing out PeachyPics.net's business is a portrait studio. That's hitting the nail on the head.

I believe photo shops with studios outnumber studios with photo labs several times to one? However, I've also observed that portrait studios seem to need to diversify to guarantee the business a long life. Usually they either need to offer wedding photography, or have a photo shop.

Since PeachyPics.net has the space, and the demand, for a photo kiosk, I think it would be a good idea to put one in. However, I don't think this is like putting a candy machine at the dentist's reception. As I expect many here would agree, kiosks don't market themselves: you do need to give them 'prominence' and 'presence' in your store (put them out in people's path where they'll see and encounter them, and make them look big, obvious and important, with point-of-sale, etc.), and you need to actively market and develop them as an individual line in your business.

I think if PeachPics.net starts with a photo kiosk, she will find herself developing a photo lab side to her portrait studio business over time -- and that wouldn't be a bad thing.

Two things I'd advise are: don't spend too much, and do charge enough.

Dealers/manufacturers would love to get list or near-list prices for their kiosks, but if they feel they're creating a customer who will do a brisk trade, and buy her media from them, most will also be satisfied with getting a machine into her premises at not excessively above cost. Some of the prices I've seen mentioned here are substantially higher than experienced lab owners would pay. I'd advise against making a capital investment so big as to be slow to repay itself.

As we all know, what the market demands changes a little every few years, and you don't want to still have money to earn back on a kiosk by the time it has become obsolete. Online features, including social media integration, seem to be important today, and for things like this you need an up-to-date kiosk and an arrangement with the manufacturer or dealer to keep it that way.

Media bundled with the kiosk is great, because this is essentially (a lot of) money-off, for buyers who will actually succeed in selling prints. Noritsuvet's point about frames and photo gifts is vitally important for profit-per-print too, and I would add photo mounts and folders, especially as PeachyPics.net is a portrait studio.

And then, charge enough. PeachyPics.net already has customers asking for the service at her premises. I'd advise her to set her per-print prices at what will repay her machine and media costs, and make a profit for her, regardless of what other prices in the area are. Turn away the trade that won't pay your prices, it's better than losing money. A kiosk can be a small-order, low-volume business, but that's profitable at the right prices, and enough customers will pay them.

Those are my thoughts anyway. Hope they're useful.

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