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Kodak Kiosk G4 to DKS 1530


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log off your computer ,and restart in Administrator mode ,and check if the catalina server is strated (litle windows type MsDos) ,if yes ,make a search to see if the server (Kiasserver.properties) have the same IP adresse of your DKS computer.

If no, go to start menu/all program/kias/ and click on start tomcat.


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The Catalina server is running and the kiasserver.properties is showing the IP address as as per network settings.

The DKS 1530

IP is

Subnet Mask is

Default Gateway - blank

DNS servers - blank

The only kiosk that we can potentially connect to the minilab is the one that doesn't have the Facebook/PYNK software update.  However, even this is not working anymore!

The settings on the kiosk are:


Subnet Mask:

Default Gateway:

DNS Server(s):


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Ok Cecilh ,

look your post ,i see one aberation

The settin g for your minilab it's the same of your kiosk  !!!!

ip of your minilab ????

Default gatewayDns  for your kiosk : ,like that your network can't be run fine !!!

Change the setting of your minilab (exemple ,i think it's better and don't change anything in your kiosk !!!

regards frenchman

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Thanks Frenchman, that's us back to where we were with our fourth kiosk (minus Facebook/PYNK software) being able to send to the wet lab.

The other kiosks with Facebook/PYNK software installed are finding the minilab through the config menu.  However, the orders will not send to the mini lab.  One of the differences is that the kiosks do not ask for the customers name, telephone and address details, it goes straight to order complete and consequently does not send through.  

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Hi Chopper.

We contacted them immediately when the problem arose.  They are really helpful and knowledgable but didn't manage to get a resolution in this case.  It seems their hands are tied as were looking for another £400 in order to purchase the enablement software.  

We just felt with the investment we had made in our kiosks and the probable purchase of an Apex later in the year that there would be a workaround, especially as the DLS enabler is currently active and able to communicate with the minilab and vice versa.  It seems as if the PYNK/Facebook software does something to prevent communication as when sending lab orders the kiosk doesn't ask for the customer's details.  As a result, the order appears as if it it's ok but is not sent through and not retrievable through order management.

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