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Noritsu CT'S


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Hi.Inside CT-SL we have board similar with notebook motherboard ( it is located behind LCD touchscreen ) so it is quite difficult to find replacement ( size, connectors and etc.). You can buy only assembly ( motherboard + touchscreen ) from Noritsu, so once I repaired this main board, when it was defected.

It is possible to use CT-SL on other computer.  CT-SL software doesn't start on other computer, but good computer technician can help you. After registry correction CT-SL software will start on any computer.

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I personally wouldn’t even attempt to upgrade a CT-SL, too specialised, and really not worth the hassle.

The CT-2 can however be upgraded much more easily as it uses standard off the shelf PC components. I've upgraded the motherboard, processor, RAM, HDD, PSU on a few CT-2 kiosks before, they flew afterwards!

However the cost of buying all the new parts is the cost of what the CT-2 is worth, and  so unless you are doing everything yourself you really are better off buying a new kiosk.

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