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Kodak Kiosks Update and Compatability


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Hey guys we just picked up an off lease Kodak G4 and have a few questions.  It has 2.2 software on it and old calendars.  I was wondering how and if we can update the software to 4.0?  Also I am having trouble with the password to get behind the scenes.  And one other off the wall question, I have an 8110 printer and was wondering if it was compatible with a g4 kiosk.  Thanks for all your help, we are new to the kiosk so I apologize if this seems pitty to you, but your help is appreciated.

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As far as I am aware once you plug in the 8110 printer via usb the kiosk should pick it up, as it powers up it will list what equipment it has found.

If you have the version 4 software it is easy to load but be aware it now limits access to certain parts of the set-up program unless you have special software which kodak engineers carry.

The kodak G4 is very reliable but blow out the filters on side plans of the 6800 and clean the thermal head and plate behind it with lint free wipes and 2 rolls inside which pull out.

hope this helps


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hi again david here,

There is not a huge difference between 2.2 and 4. You can put up to 4 pictures on calendars than one on version 22.

ok there is a big selection of back drops for collages etc.

Were are u based I am ireland so service would vary country to country.

it is worth adding a scanner for coping old photos to your kiosk

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You can go straight to v.4 there is no in between, normally you have to pay for it or find someone with it on there machine locally and borrow disc, it will take about 2hrs to load everything.

I will check with my IT guy when i am in  office to see if we can email you a copy might be to big?

Contracts can be expense in some countries but if you can source parts most of the time you should be ok, you can pick up spare printers at aaaimaging in states and you can use it in cabinet to double your printing speed.

I actually service kodak kiosk's in Ireland myself.

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