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Kodak G3 not sending orders

Dave S

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Hi I've got a problem with the orders not being sent to the minilab from a Kodak G3 kiosk.

The kiosk comes up with an error cannot send to the lab.

The network has all been setup and all the computers can see and access each other.

The minilab is a Noritsu 3011 with DLS software.

The Kiosk is a G3 picturemaker running Version 1.6 software.

I've set the DLS IP address on the G3, when I do the DLS test it says it can find the minilab ok.

The DLS ver 2 enabler is installed on the G3

The IP addresses are


G3 Kiosk

Workgroup= WORKGROUP

I have run out of ideas!

Can anybody help?

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When I had a dlssystem and the g3 we had no problems at all, at least with that part. The things I would check are these...are the ip addresses the Default dls ip adresses? and not from some other source? Also if you connect the g3 directly to the printer will it work skipping any router, hub or switch that you may have  right now??

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Hi Camera House, yes a black DOS type window pops up that says CATALINA when the lab starts up.

Hi dlsngl,  the original IP addresses were 172 ? ? ? but these addresses will not integrate into the rest of the network easily, router, CCTV etc would all have to be re-configured. Shouldn't it work with any IP address?

As long as the computers are seeing each other I can't see why the IP address have to be 172 ? ? ?.

If that's the only way to make it work I will change the rest of the network.

Can anybody confirm whether that the IP addresses have to be in the 172 range to make it work or not?

Thanks Guys

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Thanks Frenchman, that sorted it out. I owe you a drink!

For anybody else who comes across this thread, the KiasServerSDK.properties file is located in C:\Tomcat\common\classes, open it with notepad and set the IP address to the same as the Noritsu printer IP address (in my case then close notepad and save the changes. Then restart the computer.

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