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Noritsu CT-SL


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I have a Noritsu CT-SL which I think has blown the computer power supply. Does anyone know how to physically get into this thing. I have removed the bottom base plate and I can see the power supply but everything seems to be connected to everything else by sheet metal. Have I missed something obvious or does anyone know where there is a service manual for this thing! :o

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We have one but have never removed the cover of the base.  

Do you know how to remove the "monitor" ?  There are 3 little "L" brackets the keep it on the base.  

One screw in the center of the back of the "monitor" and 1 screw in the front bottom, disconnect all cords from the front, then lift it up and off.  

From there, I'm not sure, but should be easier to remove the cover from the base of the kiosk.


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The PSU does come out from the bottom, just a lot of screws have to be removed, and all the wires disconnected.

Pull the card reader and CD/DVD drive forward to give yourself more access and find more screws!

You may have difficulty sourcing a replacement PSU as they are non standard, and have an extra 24V supply.

Good Luck

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