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Please help need Kodak Kiosk 1.5 Software update

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Same, i also need a copy of this intermediate 1.5 update.

I need the V1.5 Software Initialization CD. Accidentally did an OS image restore and fried the V4 image that was on there. So now i only have a V4 Upgrade disk and i cant install that without the V1.5 disk. Was sold the Kiosk with the V4 preloaded, but when trying to find the non-DLS enabler, stuffed things up and dont have the complete recovery CD's.

Anybody able to help me?

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if you have the initial CD (the 2.1 is better than the 1.5) you can switch directly to the version 2.0 or 2.1  The version 2.0 needs a 1.1 service Pack, if you don't have it you may get problems with front USB not available. If you can get the version 2.2 then the initial CD version 2.1 is mandatory, it doesn't work with initial CD 1.5.

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Which version do i need to install to update to V4 SP1?

I have the V4 update kit but recently did a full restore to the base OS, and i can not directly install the V4 SP1 software. The installer quotes it needs 1.5 to be installed before setup can continue.

Thanks very much for any help people can offer.

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First of all: The version 4 does not run on a G3 kiosk. For G4 and GS-OS: You need version 1.6 to overinstall the version 4.0SP1 it does not work if you try to install it over version 1.5. You can also do F11 recover operating system and then use the 1.5 or 2.1 initial CD and after that the 4.0 version CD.

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Oops sorry mate,

I forgot to mention i had a G4 kiosk. The 1.5 / 2.0 initial CD is what i need and i don't have a copy of that. Only the 2.2 and 4.0SP1 disks.

I've done an restore to OS only to realize that i needed those CD's to restore the V4 software on there.

It would be greatly appreciated if there is a way to get a hold of a copy of the CD online or something.

It just that Kodak finally send me the non-DLS CD after messing with an OS restore and now i cant get the system back to the V4 software.

Thanks, Will.

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