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Getting a used Kodak G3 w/G4 Software, need help

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This is my first post in this forum.  I am purchasing a used off lease Kodak Kiosk G3 with G4 software it is the slim version with the 6800, 8110 & receipt printers.

This Kiosk does not come with the software for recovery.  So the first thing I want to do is make an image of the hard drive when we get it.  Now I have never worked on one of these machines other than use them as a customer in a store.  I am guessing that I can hook up and USB keyboard and mouse to it?  How do you get into the owner/administrator portion of the machine is there anything special you have to do?  Can I make a perfect hard drive image of the machine on the machine it's self or do I need to take the hard drive out and clone it?

Just a couple of more questions:  I would like to upgrade if possible for the machine to make photo DVDs is there such an upgrade available and where would I buy the blue colored DVD burner for the machine.  Can this machine make the photobooks?  I have found a place that sells the software for the photobooks but will my machine do it or do I need to buy additional printers for it?  Lastly, I am getting a good deal on this machine but I am uncertain if all of the keys are going to be coming with it for the cabnet, are those easy to obtain?  

We did buy the machine from a very reputable place with a warranty.  I did attempt to ask all of these questions but the guy was difficult for us to understand so we missed some of these questions.  I guess I'll know more when the machine arrives.  Thank you for any help in advance!


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Simplest answer first - it will NOT do picture movie DVD's, even with the software installed, and even if you put a DVD burner in it.

I don't believe you can do photobooks unless using a Kodak DL2100 printer.

Not sure on the cabinet keys, but you could take the lock out and take it to a locksmith who would be able to sort it for you.

I have a feeling the G3 used a PS2 mouse and keyboard, not usb. But I'm pretty sure you can use USB versions.

you will need passwords to access most of the "back room"settings, which I dont have with me. Maybe others will chime in, but I'll look around and try to find my list at home.

Once you can access the back end of the software, I think you can do a backup - its so long since I've played with the G3 I've forgotten.

The highest version of the software you can run on the G3 is 2.2, and it is adviseable to add more RAM when you are running it.

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A couple of extra points. Its a little confusing to say it is a G3 with G4 software as all software up to recently would run on both machines if there was enough RAM (1.5GB)  in the G3's.

So all software up to v2.2 runs on both.

The latest version, v4.0 will only run on G4's.

As Mr N says, it won't burn DVD's but if you install a DVD burner it will at least read them.

I don't think it will run a DL2100 but its possible. Might be too slow.

As far as the cloning and other hard drive stuff you know more than me already on that and there are a number of experts on this panel who will help with that once we get into their time zone!

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Thank you so much!  This information helps greatly.  I can't wait for the kiosk to arrive.

I do have something else to ask.  I live about 20 minutes from Rochester, NY.  I actually used to live in Rochester and only 5 minutes from Kodak.  Anyways I found a few places that sell the Kiosk kits for the 6800 & 8110, one place is out in New York City (about 300 and something miles from me) and another place is in California.  I would love to just be able to drive into Rochester and buy the supplies direct and hopefully cheap.  Unfortunately I just can't walk up to one of Kodak's buildings and knock on the door and buy supplies.  I have e-mailed Kodak and they sent me a message that they would reply in 24 hours, that was last week.  Does anyone know where I could buy the kits real cheap with possibly free shipping.  Any other advice on how I can get these supplies would be great.  The one place I found charges $119.00 for the 6800 kit and $269.99 for the 8110 kit and then I have to pay shipping charges so that would be about 17 cents per 4"x6" print which isn't too bad.

Thanks again.

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My Kodak Kiosk finally arrived.  I have a few questions.  It is running KPK v1.2, where can I download an update to a newer version?  If anyone has a newer version they could help me out with I would appreciate it.  

Next question:  First thank you to everyone whom gave me the passwords they worked perfectly.  How do I exit to the Windows desktop?  I tried Control-Alt-Delete and it brings up task manager, when I click log off it takes me to the login screen where there are 2 choices kodakuser1 and guest.  When I click on kodakuser1 and type bluecard for password it just takes me back into the kiosk.

Thanks for all of the help!

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