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Noritsu CT-SL HDD


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Hi there

My CT-SL HDD dont work. Can I rebplace this whit labtop HDD, or is this somekind of specialy model.

Looks like ordinary. I have all softwares and other working unit beside. So its easy to put this run soon as I got new HDD.

Rowe  :)

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Don't know how far you've gone with this but !!!

Have in mind that upgrading the bios of the motherboard is needed if the harddrive is bigger than the previous.

What motherboard is used in that kiosk PC and what is the revision of the bios ??

Some of those things is to put it diplomatically very old.

Connectors for laptop hdd's differ in size. Buy a good oldstyle IDE-based harddrive (not to big if you're smart).

A good magical number is 120GB (depending on the bios/motherboard/etc).

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It is just a standard 2.5 inch IDE Laptop type drive.

Try to get one under 120GB as YEP says otherwise you may have LBA issues.

even a small 40GB notebook HD is sufficient.  If you can even find one that small....

The CTSL was only ever supplied with a 40GB HD from new!

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