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Mitsubishi photo kiosk software issues


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Hello every one. Hope every ones 4th was good (whether you where celebrating a holiday or not).

I've been reading through the forums for several weeks trying to see if I could find any posts that would be helpful but so far I haven't seen anything and am hoping some one can help me.

I have a Mitsubishi DPSKiosk PT7000U that the hard drive has gotten corrupted on (I think the drive is bad but comes up good but anyways.) Because of this I can't restore the system from the ghost image that is on the drive. Every time I restore it (it restores partitions/files) the files on the software partition are corrupt beyond repair, and the primary partition has a few corruptions that appear to get fixed with a checkdisk. I have tried to acquire the software from Mitsubishi but I've found they do not like this at all. I tried every technique I could think of from polite and calm to the 'irritated customer who is just generally upset' without getting anywhere (and yes I tried polite before rude:) ). They just will not ship out the software or the ghost image for the system. They have stated I have to return the unit to their repair center and pay an undisclosed amount to repair it.

Why the post (sorry for taking so long to get to this point) is that I am curious if any one knows of any alternatives that are low priced and allow for printing right at the kiosk. I have seen some amazing programs but most are out of the range of what the store owner would like to pay (would rather take his chance with Mitsubishi) and the others don't permit direct printing. Or alternatively would some one here possibly know how to get the kiosk software for the Mitsubishi without sending the unit in for repair?

Thank you for your time with reading this and any help any one can provide.

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