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Replacing 5 slots with 1 Multi-card reader


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I have several G3 Kiosks and one of my biggest problems or complaints is that the old card readers do not always recognize the newer high capacity cards, so I thought I'd just trade out the individual slots 1-5 for one multi-card reader that would fit in the machine.  I came across....


It slides nicely into where one of the normal slots would be, but I'm having a hard time getting the Kiosk G3 to recognize its there.  Any ideas?



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We hAVe a Fuji mini lab - kioak - frontier etc, Dont know if this will help you or anyone else but our Kiosk wont read

SDHC or XDHC cards.  Fuji advised that we had to upgrade our labserver pc - the cost of which I wont go into!!  We

have sorced a HCUSB key/adapter - one for the SD card - one the the XD.  The cards just go into a slot in the side and

after choosing "media" on the kiosk and just a usb slot in the pc the card reads with no problem.  

The USB's are €10.00 each !! and have been a godsend to us as we cant afford to upgrade any equipment at

present - or in the future as things stand.  Cant remember the make of them as am not in sho today but if

anyone interested will have a look on Mon.

It seems the cards may have outgrown the fuji software or kiosk capacity???  If anyone can give any other advice

about this - it would be gratefully received!

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