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CT-2 Recovery


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I had a problem with the touch screen not working on CT-2. I decided to do full recovery (re-installing CT-2 Software made no difference) and this has worked previously but when I hit "2" for partial recovery  the recovery disk starts, a flash of powerquest logo  and then drops back to the end screen in dos, as if I had hit 3 for quitting. Any ideas on what to do and if the drive is kaput is there any way to recover data on the extended partition?

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Thanks for that. But have done complete recovery with a new hard drive and that worked fine. Now the only problem I have is despite everything working fine, the crop function won't work even though it's switched on. Bl**** Software.  :X Any body got any ideas? I've checked all the settings against a working CT-Sl and can't find a reason.

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i had the same problem... there´s 2 way to make a recovery for those kiosks

1- check the BIOS  the recovery software check your drives i needs to be in certain order

2- take de HDD and put in a desktop PC and leave just CDROM and your HDD and

do the recovery it should solve your problem

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